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Smarter transportation and last mile delivery decisions with the MIXMOVE deliver platform

Make the planning & execution of your transport processes your competitive advantage

MIXMOVE Deliver Execution is a digital solution that focuses on the optimization of resources and simplification of operational realities. With the capabilities to automate, execute and optimize, the solution enables teams to focus on their operational improvements at minimal costs. 

Reduction of logistic costs by optimization of resources and operational realities.


Efficient transportation
alternatives in case of unexpected events. Predict delivery times down to the minute and receive proof of delivery.

Speedy fulfillment 
by Auto dispatching and driver assignment


Centralized management of drivers, each single item and transport modes in real-time


Moving Closer to customers 
You ship at Amazon level in speed and quality. 


Explore MIXMOVE's automated transportation planning and execution power for logistic professionals

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Make better, smarter decisions with MIXMOVE's live platform

Real-time visibility – to make real-time transportation decisions

End-Customers have become used to fulfillment times of two days or fewer – and are exhibiting a growing intolerance for anything but. By choosing MIXMOVE you will always receive the MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE Layer which allows you to connect your data to view and visualize your data clearly in a dashboard. The visibility layer is the heart of the MIXMOVE intelligence and allow you to achieve any transportation goal at any time.
Get seamless, real-time notifications on item level, milestones and exceptions. Search, filter, and collaborate on urgent cargo in minutes and execute based on real time data. 

No IT change needed 

No interruption of existing processes 

Connecting and visualization of all data in use 

Ship with the leader in sustainable freight

Cost-efficient planning and execution of your deliveries

MIXMOVE algorithms determine cost-efficient planning and execution of your deliveries. Optimize the utilization of all transport resources in a sustainable way or speed up the flow of goods. Delivery times, landed costs, and driver utilization are now metrics within reach — thanks to the MIXMOVE Platform’s power to structure, store, and safeguard your data. 

Fast, accurate Lead Times

Eliminate delays

Live performance data across your whole supply chain

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Ensure that the most economical route is taken. This involves the simultaneous analysis of live data such as weather and traffic reports, locational data such as charging stations en route (in the case of e-fleets), and density of delivery addresses in a particular area.  The user-friendly mobile app keep drivers in the loop in real-time. 


Continuously track shipments, purchase orders, line items or SKUs to improve your processes. Get predictive ETA in real-time and all info about the quality and location of each single product.
The Future It is no longer about where the order is (WISMO) but where the specific item is (WISMI). 



Strengthen planning, reduce dwell times and eliminate fines by proactively managing lanes.
Administer the available vehicles, containers, drivers and pickups via connected database in real time with relevant information allowing efficient service planning and execution. 



Get information regarding costs, execution, performance via customizable and flexible KPIs and reports. Keep track of damaged and miss- routed loading units (under receiving and over receiving) to keep tabs on order fulfilment.
Get all important values for business, based on the most updated data, to support the decision-making process.



Allow customers to create Bookings, via Client Portal, RestAPI or EDI or Manual entry and give them access to overall tracking events and service capabilities; allowing them to create bookings, to access tracking, labeling and billing capabilities as well as to request for pickups.
End-customers will know where your drivers are without the need for any additional hardware.


Get visibility and control over the transport execution, with the driver’s app, while providing autonomy and
flexibility for drivers.
Visualize all performance KPIs like execution time, traffic jam and documents gathering and communicate in real-time with drivers for excellent delivery performance.  



Volkswagen TPS appoints technology company MIXMOVE to transform its logistics

TPS Vokswagen has appointed MIXMOVE to provide the software behind its new logistics approach, ‘TPS OnRoute’ – an innovative optimisation solution that will help to further enhance its parts delivery service. 

The new digital partnership will enable TPS to transform its customer deliveries thanks to dynamic route planning and driver management, which includes tracking through real-time data such as travel time, product location and traffic conditions. 

The interactive and process-driven solution will also include a point-of-sale payment capability, an estimated time of arrival notification for customers and a sign on glass or photographic payment on delivery capability.  

“It will not only improve efficiency but it will also help enhance our value proposition to our independent motor trade customers who will always be our number one priority.” 

Warren Richards, TPS Head of Group Parts Operation

Unsure with your first business goal? 

Make better, smarter decisions with MIXMOVE's live platform

Our logistics experts talk to you about the requirements of your industry, provide you with best-practice approaches from implemented projects and show you the additional opportunities that MIXMOVE can provide in the areas of cost reduction, strengthening of customer satisfaction, digitalization switch and Co2 emissions reduction. 

One execution platform — 100 different advantages

👏 🚀 Celebrate your transport KPIs and solve the next business goal at the right time

Use your resources and human power in the best way and achieve every business goal step by step. Discuss the next goal with the MIXMOVE logistics consultants and go further on your way to automated logistic process and high level customer satisfaction.

MIXMOVE Visibility Control Tower

React to supply chain bottlenecks at an early stage, balance logistics capacities and cushions unforeseen incidents. Tactical course settings can be initiated at an early stage. Current insights can be called up graphically at any time and can be incorporated into strategic decision-making processes.

Learn more how you can benefit >

MIXMOVE Hub / Warehouse Booster

Achieve maximum efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes
and benefit from a transparent planning and management of all incoming and outgoing goods. Reduce logistic costs by avoiding unnecessary warehousing and increase the throughput of goods.

Learn more how you can benefit >


Join leading brands on MIXMOVE 

Mixmove supports organisations to run their businesses more sustainably, cost-effectively, compliantly, and efficiently with our cloud base solution. Achieve real-time journey management, planning and proof of delivery solutions.  Our from Gartner arwarded technology is robust and scalable to meet the needs of any business, including yours.

Why not explore a solution that convinced VW, DHL and 3M? 

The appointment will take no more than 20 minutes and as a logistics expert you will gain new insights —  we promise. In particular, how companies such as DHL, 3M or Intercargo have been able to significantly reduce logistics costs without changing their existing supply chain processes.
What do you think?

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