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Effective logistic decisions with the MIXMOVE visibility and execution platform

Time for never seen INNOVATION in logistics

We provide answers to the new challenges in logistics. These answers are innovative and performant. Data-driven and effective. Strategic and environmentally friendly. We call this lean logistic innovation software. And it is what we enjoy the most.

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Modern Sustainability

MIXMOVE believes that companies have a responsibility to find new, sustainable ways to do logistics. It relates to both the economical and ecological aspects of logistics. MIXMOVE is an active ambassador for ecologically sustainable solutions.

Strive for Credibility

MIXMOVE value credibility in client-relations. Through deep industry knowledge and collaborations with DHL, 3M, Volkswagen and many other customers, MIXMOVE has built market credibility, and is determined to always strive for this.

Innovation driven


The world is changing and continuous innovation is important to stay competitive. MIXMOVE is actively trying to give customers a competitive edge so they can sustain and grow their business during the digital transformation happening in logistics.

MIXMOVE is an innovative startup developing cutting edge cloud software, pushing the boundaries of performance, efficiency and sustainability in logistics.

MIXMOVE provides end-to-end visibility, predictability, and collaboration tools, thus enabling companies to enhance their processes and evolve to higher levels of digitalisation and automation. So that MIXMOVE customers can handle the real-time optimization of planning, assignment, loading and tracking. Additionally the MIXMOVE warehouse tools automate and streamline merge-in-transit, inbound management, order consolidation and outbound shipping. The solution can easily be integrated on top of the existing systems without any disturbance to the IT landscape. MIXMOVE make it possible to deliver excellent customer experiences.

The innovative technology allows companies like 3M, Volkswagen, DHL and Intercargo to achieve a never seen  collaboration to gain real time product visibility and an effective, sustainable and cost-efficient optimization of the logistic flow — at a glance + 90 % capacity utilization, - 35 % cost decrease and a C02 reduction of - 50 %.

What started out as an EU-funded project in 2014, led to the birth of MIXMOVE in 2017. Since then, the company has helped customers level -up their logistics operations with the right technology, and this has resulted in better utilization of existing resources, increased fill rates, and improved planning.

MIXMOVE was appointed by the European Commission as BEST INNOVATION IN EUROPE in the category of ICT for Society and is a two-time recipient of the Physical Internet Venture Award. In 2021 MIXMOVE won the ALICE LOGISTIC Award and was choosen from SAP and Accenture in 2022 to join the Spring Resilient Supply Chain cohort by SAP.iO.

Today, MIXMOVE consist of about 40 people located across Europe. The headquarters are in Oslo, with people also located in Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. MIXMOVE is proud to be an European start-up that aims at innovating logistics towards a more efficient and sustainable industry.

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Meet The MIXMOVE Team

Join leading brands with MIXMOVE 

MIXMOVE supports organisations to run their businesses more sustainably, cost-effectively, compliantly, and efficiently with our cloud base solution. Achieve real-time journey management, planning and proof of delivery solutions. Our Gartner awarded technology is robust and scalable to meet the needs of any business, including yours.

Why not explore a solution that convinced VW, DHL and 3M? 

The appointment will take no more than 20 minutes and as a logistics expert you will gain new insights —  we promise.

In particular, how companies such as DHL, 3M or Intercargo have been able to significantly reduce logistics costs

without changing their existing supply chain processes.
What do you think?

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