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MixMove for Logistics Service Clients

MixMove powers the supply chain of the future through real-time connectivity, visibility and collaboration.

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Take Control of Your Supply Chain and
Reduce Waste Through Lean Logistics

Supply Chain Control and Visibility

With our Control Tower, you will get real-time visibility over your end-to-end supply chain. You will be in complete control of where each parcel is at all times and be notified should a parcel be damaged before arriving at your client.

Supply Chain Collaboration

We are able to manage logistics networks that comprise several shippers and carriers to pool and bundle their shipments together, generating significant cost reductions. MixMove ensures that when combining shipments none of the partners involved see one another’s commercially sensitive data.

Supply Chain Integration

Integrations and collaborations with carriers and supply chain partners result in improved access to realtime data and information. That, in turn, translates into more agile processes and better visibility over the transportation and logistics network – an asset that can help you manage issues such as capacity crunches or truck fill rates more effectively.

Performance Indicators

MixMove is able to provide a complete dashboard of performance indicators customisable to each organisation’s needs. Powerful reporting capabilities support you in continuously improving service levels.

Tailor-made Solutions

Take your customer experience to the next level. MixMove can help you combine your own logistics resources with subcontracted services into a unified seamless experience.

Loading Unit Optimization

MixMove can support loading unit optimisation practices for networks of shippers and logistics service providers. Our solution brings tremendous results: one of our biggest clients was able to save 35% in logistics costs.


3M reduced transport costs by 35% and CO2 emissions by 50% since the MixMove system was launched.


Transparent Pricing and
No Significant Upfront Investments

Build On Existing Systems

Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems.

Pay As You Go

Fee per Loading Unit or WayBill.

No Costly EDI

No costly EDI connections to integrate all the actors in the supply chain.

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How prepared are you for the future of logistics?

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