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Last-mile distribution

Fulfill your orders on time and in full. Deliver excellent customer service and minimize your costs.


Solution Overview


01 Execute

Inbound Handling
Plan and register the inbound process, providing dock assignment and ETA for truck arrivals.

Cargo consolidation and reconstruction
Consolidate pallets in an efficient way. Pallet reconstruction can be done, ensuring the correct and optimized assignment of cartons and pallets.

Outbound planning and execution
Plan and execute the outbound processes in an efficient way, automatically assigning pallets to loads for each transport mode as well as loading gates and time-windows management.

Documentation and labeling
Print all required documents, such as carrier labels, packing lists; pallet and truck manifests.

Damage and miss-routing handling
Keep track of damaged and miss-routed loading units (under receiving and over receiving) to keep tabs on order fulffilment.

Dock planning and assignment
Plan and assign docks to incoming and outgoing trucks.

Smart rules-based cross-docking configuration
Use pre-configured business rules to digitize and automate your cross-docking processes. We manage your order fulfillment requirements whether basic throughput or order construction from multiple sources are required.

Manage temporary storage
Manage and track temporary storage of goods.

Monitor warehouse processes
Monitor all the processes within the warehouse to make the required adjustments and make better decisions.

Dock Monitoring
Monitor the dock's operations so you can make the required adjustments and make better decisions.

API and batch integration
Speed up your execution processes with API and batch file integration to TMS and WMS systems. WE can integrate to multiple solutions in your use in your facilities to ensure a consolidated view on all orders and shipments.

02 Plan 

Allow customers to create Bookings, via Client Portal, RestAPI or EDI or Manual entry (as a last resource).

Multiple Execution Strategy
Use Business Rules to define the strategy for booking execution with a set of configured filters.

Pickup management
Manage pickup services whether they are spot pickups or scheduled pickups.

Drivers management
Manage the drivers (subcontracted or not) of a company via a database with the relevant information about them, supporting efficient service planning and execution.

Fleet management
Manage the available vehicles via a database with relevant information about them.

Plan runsheets suggesting the number of drivers and vehicles required concerning the set of routes to execute, whether the planning process is dynamic, static or hybrid.

MultiHub operation support
Manage booking involving several hubs, supporting indirect transport and trip management.

03 Execute & Follow

Linehaul Management
Manage linehauls concerning payment sheets, billing and monitoring of the loaded cargo.

Customer Portal
Give Customers access to overall tracking events and service capabilities management, allowing them to create bookings, to access tracking, labeling and billing capabilities as well as to request for pickups.

Marketplace Integration
Integrate with a branded marketplace where can be listed subcontractors to speed up transportation services at best market prices - supporting the demand and offer process.

Subcontracted fleet Management
Subcontract resources and calculate the costs of the resources.

Warehouse support
Manage warehouse operations, with warehouse handling mobile devices and sorting equipment integration like PDAs and scanners.

Reverse logistics
Print an authorization permit that allows the driver to scan an object to pick it up (unexpected booking). This way the picked-up object is not unexpected itself and becomes part of a specific runsheet.

Close the day, in every way concerning the service execution per driver, with the debrief functionality.

Manage the billing process by associating table rates to customers and/or type of services. The system manages the revenue in real-time, whether the table rate is set by unit or weight (per geography) or fixed price.

Manage the gathered reimbursements and control the delivering process from the financial department to the customers.


Carrier mobility
Get visibility and control over the transport execution, with the driver’s app, while providing autonomy and flexibility for drivers to perform their work.

Telematic integration
Integrate with third-party telematics systems to control some of the distribution process variables (like opened doors or temperature, for example).

Allow the client to track what is happening, through a stream of events gathered via aggregation of data.

Create tracking events based on geographical location.

Predictive and real-time ETA
Get accurate predictive ETA adjustable in real-time based on the asset location and defined time windows.

Events Notifications
Configure what events and create notifications and what channels and destinations are used to send the notifications.

Configurable Tracking
Configure which events can be used for tracking purposes.

04 Report & Analyze 

Reporting and Dashboard
Get information regarding costs, execution, performance, via customizable and flexible KPIs and reports. Get the important values for business, based on the most updated data, to support the decision-making process.


Implementation & Support

Expert logistics consultants guide you through implementation & onboarding

We provide you with training on your configured solution

Dedicated support consultants are available to help you with your day-to-day queries

The MIXMOVE cloud platform can be rolled out without much interference with your current IT landscape. We amplify your existing solutions through a modern technology platform, moving your supply chain operations forward without the need to necessarily replace existing solutions.

Our implementation team works with you in an agile and collaborative way, ensuring a smooth rollout. Our software is updated through continuous delivery, making the impact of software upgrades nearly invisible to you.

Complete the contact form and we will get in contact to discuss your solution.


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales