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Inbound logistics

Digitize your inbound logistics and get the visibility and control you need to achieve customer excellence.


Solution Overview

01 Plan & Execute

Create a register indicating what items need to be shipped.

Customers can create bookings via the Client Portal.

Transport rules
Custom transport rules set up according to your requirements are automatically applied to shipments in order to determine the best way to execute it

Plan the workday (runsheets) based on resources, vehicles and drivers in order to plan routes or a simple transport service.

Loading confirmation
Get confirmation on what items are loaded into specific transport means.

System integration
Integrate with other systems via API or batch files.

02 Follow

Consolidated tracking
Tracking allows you to have and give visibility to your customers on each order. We aggregate events via data import, integration to external data sources, telematics on drivers' mobile devices.

Events notifications
Flexible configuration allows you to choose which events to monitor and what channels are used to send the notifications.

Get notifications based on the vehicle's position by integration to telematics or driver’s mobile devices.

Prediction and ETA updates
Get updated in real-time on the estimated time of arrival, based on telematics integration or driver’s mobile devices

03 Account & Report 

Rate card management
Control your costs by inserting the agreements you made with service providers and predict costs for shipments

Billing audit
Match invoices against rate cards and execution to ensure you are paying the right amount.

Reporting and Dashboards
Get information regarding costs and execution, performance via customizable and flexible KPI dashboards and reports. Support your decision-making process with real-time updated data.


Implementation & Support

Expert logistics consultants guide you through implementation & onboarding

We provide you with training on your configured solution

Dedicated support consultants are available to help you with your day-to-day queries

The MIXMOVE cloud platform can be rolled out without much interference with your current IT landscape. We amplify your existing solutions through a modern technology platform, moving your supply chain operations forward without the need to necessarily replace existing solutions.

Our implementation team works with you in an agile and collaborative way, ensuring a smooth rollout. Our software is updated through continuous delivery, making the impact of software upgrades nearly invisible to you.

Complete the contact form and we will get in contact to discuss your solution.


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales