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Cross-dock distribution

Improve warehouse throughput, optimize the use of assets and reduce costs- each step of the way.


Solution Overview


01 Execute

Inbound Handling
Plan and register the inbound process, providing dock assignment and ETA for truck arrivals.

Cargo consolidation and reconstruction
Consolidate pallets in an efficient way. Pallet reconstruction can be done, ensuring the correct and optimized assignment of cartons and pallets.

Outbound planning and execution
Plan and execute the outbound processes in an efficient way, automatically assigning pallets to loads for each transport mode as well as loading gates and time-windows management.

Documentation and labeling
Print all required documents, such as carrier labels, packing lists; pallets and truck manifest.

Damage and miss-routing handling
Keep track of damaged and miss-routed loading units (under receiving and over receiving) to keep tabs on order fulfillment.

Dock planning and assignment
Plan and assign docks to incoming and outgoing trucks.

Smart rules-based cross-docking configuration
Use pre-configured business rules to digitize and automate your cross-docking processes. We manage your order fulfillment requirements whether basic throughput or order construction from multiple sources are required.

Manage temporary storage
Manage and track temporary storage of goods.

API and batch integration
Speed up your execution processes with API and batch file integration to TMS and WMS systems. We can integrate into multiple solutions in your use in your facilities to ensure a consolidated view of all orders and shipments.

02 Follow

Operational tracking
Track what is happening, through a centralized view of all events

Monitor warehouse processes
Monitor all the processes within the warehouse to make the required adjustments and make better decisions.

Dock Monitoring
Monitor the dock's operations so you can make the required adjustments and make better decisions.

03 Report & Analyze 

Build flexible reports to monitor business KPIs

Business intelligence
Collect, analyze and visualize data to ensure you make the necessary adjustments to stay competitive

reconstruction process

Implementation & Support

Expert logistics consultants guide you through implementation & onboarding

We provide you with training on your configured solution

Dedicated support consultants are available to help you with your day-to-day queries

The MIXMOVE cloud platform can be rolled out without much interference with your current IT landscape. We amplify your existing solutions through a modern technology platform, moving your supply chain operations forward without the need to necessarily replace existing solutions.

Our implementation team works with you in an agile and collaborative way, ensuring a smooth rollout. Our software is updated through continuous delivery, making the impact of software upgrades nearly invisible to you.

Complete the contact form and we will get in contact to discuss your solution.


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales