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MOVE21: Finding zero-emission solutions

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Smart zero-emission solutions

The project "MOVE21" receives almost 100 million NOK from the EU Commission and will be the test arena for a big EU project that aims at finding smart solutions to reduce emissions. The project is lead by Oslo Municipality and MIXMOVE will be an important partner.

Transport currently accounts for about a third of all climate emissions in Europe and Norway. Cities are a big part of the problem, which is why some European cities are now working on solving this issue by trying out solutions that can contribute to a reduction of climate emissions in the transport sector. The project aims to help European cities take a leading role in smart zero-emission solutions in the transport sector and look at new mobility and logistics solutions. Oslo will lead the project, but it will be a collaboration between the city of Gothenburg, Hamburg, Rome, Munich, and Bologna, in addition to leading research institutions and business actors in

Norway and Europe. This project will also contribute to creating several new and green workplaces.

Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO of MIMOVE

MIXMOVE Cloud Solution for MOVE21

This is an exciting collaboration for us and we are proud to take part in such an important project. Our solution will enable integration between all the different systems, which makes it possible for all the partners to collaborate, says Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO of MIXMOVE.

The kick-off for this project is May 2021 and it will last for four years. The other Norwegian partners in this project are Ruter, Viken County Municipality, the Department of Transport Economics, ICT Norway, and the start-up company Urban Sharing.

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