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The Explorer - Cloud solution for logistics improves capacity utilisation

NOW you can read our story at The Explorer, Powered by Innovation Norway.

The Explorer is the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions and its a part of Innovation Norway’s efforts to promote Norway as a sustainability pioneer.

MIXMOVE has been recognized by Innovation Norway and the Explorer, and our solution file is now live.

Advanced cargo optimisation and tremendous untapped potential

Learn how MIXMOVE takes part in shaping the future of digitalization and logistics, by increasing efficiency, cuts costs and emissions!

MIXMOVE increases operational efficiency by allowing companies to transport higher volumes, while reducing logistics costs by up to 35 per cent. Using MIXMOVE to optimise operations can reduce a company’s greenhouse gas emissions from transport by up to 50 per cent, which equals a saving of 124 megatons of carbon.
MIXMOVE is an award-winning collaborative cloud platform for enlightening logistics data to make logistics processes connected, efficient and sustainable. MIXMOVE amplifies existing solutions, ensuring maximum capacity utilisation, supply chain connectivity and item-level visibility.

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