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Cloud-based Solution by MIMXOVE

Save money, increase customer satisfaction and reduce carbon emissions in your logistics. Sound too good to be true? Not with the cloud-based solution delivered by MIXMOVE. Learn how it is possible.

"With companies like Amazon offering customers visible supply chains and same-day delivery, customers start to expect more from traditional carriers and suppliers as well. The increased demands, combined with an increasing e-commerce trend, force the logistics industry to innovate and find more efficient operations", Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO MIXMOVE, explains.

To make logistics more efficient and bring the industry into the future, MIXMOVE offers a cloud-based software that opens up and maximizes operations. The software is added to existing logistics management systems and provides control, visibility, and flexibility.

"And best of all, our technology utilizes your truck's capacity and increases the fill rate from 40 percent to above 90 percent. This saves our customers large amounts of money every year and reduces emissions", Ramstad states.

FUTURE: CEO Knut Fredrik Ramstad is proud to see the cloud solution from MIXMOVE increase customers' freight fill rates and save money simultaneously.

How is this possible?

Companies try to keep up with the increased customer demands, but their old systems are not flexible enough. The failure to meet demands is due to the detach between inbound and outbound logistics – it simply is not clever enough.

"Shippers often end up expanding warehouse space to buffer fluctuations in demand and supply, especially in E-commerce operations with high volumes and wide assortments. To solve this, MIXMOVE offers a revolutionary item-based consolidation technology, drastically increasing the throughput of your existing warehouses. In simpler terms this means that the logistics revolves around the products when creating supply chains and filling up trucks. This reduces the need for warehouse expansion," Allard Peeters, VP Global Sales, says.

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PREDICTABILITY: By creating visibility in both inbound and outbound logistics, MIXMOVE facilitates smart logistics.


MIXMOVE uses the product as the starting point rather than the order. Each product is given its own supply chain, and the cloud-based solution knows all its attributes. This allows MIXMOVE customers to fill their trucks or containers with products from several orders vertically towards the roof by stacking similar products on top of each other. By taking advantage of the height, companies are literally making money out of what used to be air.

"The ability to sort products into complete orders at the destination rather than at origin is a key factor in the MIXMOVE solution. It facilitates a more efficient supply chain that saves you both money and carbon emissions", Peeters explains.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: VP of Global Sales, Allard Peeters, sees companies using the MIXMOVE solution increasing their customer satisfaction daily.

A real-life example of how the logistics platform works

"I find that the best way to describe how the solution works is to use a real-life example," Nuno Bento, VP Product Strategy Innovation and founder of MIXMOVE, says and explains further:
"If a hospital in Oslo makes an order from 3M that measures 50 centimeters in height, the 1.5 meters of air above the pallet would be unused in the truck as the order is too fragile to handle another order on top of it. However, as 3M is a customer of MIXMOVE, it would instead label each product and mix the hospital's order with orders from all over Scandinavia, filling up the entire truck using smart and safe packaging. When the truck reaches Scandinavia, the contents are sorted with the MIXMOVE solution and shipped to its final destination."

By viewing logistics as products and facilitating mini supply chains for each product, companies can use the height dimension and thus need fewer trucks on the road. Fewer trucks equal both time, money, and carbon emissions saved.

"On average, 48 percent of the goods that trucks transport through Europe are pure air. A highly unprofitable fact for modern companies. Thanks to the "chaotic loading" of the MIXMOVE solution, 3M increased its truck fill rates from 40 percent to 90 percent and is increasing revenues with existing resources", CEO Ramstad explains.

SUSTAINABLE: By reducing the number of trucks required to handle customer orders, you can drastically reduce your carbon emissions.

The future of supply chain logistics

"Focusing on shipping on a product-level and delaying the order building is revolutionary thinking in the logistics industry," Bento explains.

With governments giving restrictions to companies who do not reduce their emissions, customers increasing demands, and industry challengers such as Amazon disrupting supply chain logistics, the industry is forced to change.

"I truly believe that the change is MIXMOVE and three-dimensional cross-docking," Bento states and continues:
"Since 2014, our ideal future has been to facilitate a physical Internet. The theory of a physical Internet conceptualises a new logistics model that works like the Internet. Users of the Internet do not care about the route an email takes before it reaches the receiver. The same thing will happen to logistics – we will not care who ships our order or by what route."

INTELLIGENT: By focusing on products, not orders, MIXMOVE creates sustainable supply chain logistics bringing the industry into the future.

Until we as a society and logistics as an industry arrives at this mindset, MIXMOVE continues to think differently and optimize supply chains by adding an intelligent layer of software on top of existing operations.

"Global parcel volume surpassed 100 billion for the first time in 2019. The forecast parcel volume is most likely to more than double and reach 220-262 billion parcels by 2025. This is because of the revolution currently happening within logistics", CEO Ramstad states.

Prepare your company for the new era of logistics. Contact us for a chat about your operations!

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