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Smart City Logistics

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The increase in e-commerce and parcel deliveries are causing congestion and pollution challenges in cities worldwide. More and more European cities are expected to regulate delivery traffic in and out of bigger cities. To meet these challenges, we need Smart City Logistics. Deliveries need to be consolidated and companies need to work together to find the most efficient and sustainable way to deliver goods into city centers.

Our platform provide all the digital capabilities necessary for the consolidation of goods and proper transport utilisation. Collaboration between logistics networks is the key to greener city centers.

Why the need for Smart City Logistics?

Congestion is growing

With increased urbanisation and rapidly growing e-commerce, optimised city logistics solutions are important in order to reduce our carbon footprint and create greener city centeres.

Better utilization of resources

By enabling reconstructing of cargo from multiple shippers at parcel level, we ensure that logistics units are fully utilised when leaving a city hub. This results in a more environmentally-friendly delivery in the city center.

Synergies between stakeholder

All types of urban distribution stakeholders, from operators of large hubs in the outskirts to small operators moving cargo in the inner city, need to work together to limit the volume of big trucks inside the cities.

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