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Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Are you interested in controlling multiple trucks and their associated data, such as travel time, product location and traffic conditions, in a single dashboard? Or do you want real-time tracking of all your logistics data while knowing accurate delivery forecasts and arrival time for all vehicles? Then an RTTVP solution is the right approach for you.

In today's world, companies around the world need always up-to-date shipment information to manage real-time disruptions, control arrival times, and act with agility when unforeseen events occur. To achieve this, a so-called RTTV platform (Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform) is an efficient and often used solution. RTTVP claim to provide accurate and timely information about the location, status and estimated time of arrival of shipments, the means of transport used such as containers, drivers and partners, to increase transparency in the entire supply chain of a company and to reduce inefficiencies in logistics and delivery processes.

What is RTTVP?

RTTVP is the abbreviation for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform. These not only provide up-to-the-minute information on the location of shipments, they can also predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) with a high degree of accuracy. Consequently, when the shipment will arrive at each milestone and at its final destination. In addition, a so-called visibility dashboard provides information on where the truck and cargo are located. Such data consolidation platforms receive their data by means of integration via e.g. API or EDI connection to freight forwarding systems, or direct feeds from telematics devices such as in the driver's cab or other devices such as smartphones.

According to Gartner...
RTTVPs provide commercial customers and consumers with real-time insights into their orders and shipments, once they have left the brand owner’s, supplier’s or service provider’s warehouse. Such platforms, owned and managed by third-party software vendors, represent a part of the end-to-end supply chain visibility market, predominantly — but not solely — addressing the domestic road transportation mode.

Based on the aforementioned, this technology can therefore be used by brokers and carriers, as a way to differentiate themselves in the market and increase their value proposition to their customers. By requiring underlying carriers to connect to the broker’s chosen RTTVP, brokers can offer customer real-time visibility, which has historically been one major challenge to brokerage solutions. A win-win for both the broker/ carrier company and the customers.

How can supply chain and logistics professionals determine if they need a RTTVP?

For companies that value growth, automation and flexibility, RTTVP platforms such as MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE offer optimal use of existing resources and capacity. In addition, increased visibility across the supply chain has far-reaching implications for all departments, from warehouse operations to procurement to customer support. Thus, with MIXMOVE's Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform, companies achieve a variety of benefits that not only reduce logistics costs, but also provide a high competitive advantage at the same time:

  • Tracking of all logistics information and resources in real-time

  • Direct connection of drivers with the internal / external control center

  • Monitor more than 200 trucks on one visibility platform

  • Delivery prediction and exact estimated time of all arrivals

  • Gathering over 10-15 systems into one visibility platform

Choosing the provider and set goals

When choosing your RTTVP provider, consider what areas they support. Talk to the provider about your ideas. List aspects that you would like to change. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction in logistics costs

  • Transparency across all systems

  • Seamless exchange with drivers

  • Security about the current whereabouts of products and containers

  • Reduction of C02 emissions

RTTVP in logistics — Best Practice

SONAE is managing a fleet of more than 200 trucks. Some of the trucks are their own, while others are run by third-party transportation companies, yet all trucks operate interchangeably.

Keeping track of all the trucks and the deliveries made, was a big challenge. Despite having all trucks support onboard telematics, there was no solution to bridge the management of the fleet with the actual process of controlling shipment deliveries across all their stores.

In addition, the store managers could not be informed about estimated delivery times, which led to SONAE’s trucks showing up without having a planned allocation for the goods.

SONAE decided to implement the MIXMOVE platform as an intelligent layer on top of their existing systems. The solution provided SONAE’s transportation department with a complete overview of the store fulfilment process. Moreover, every store manager was given information about the items that were to be delivered on a specific day – including an exact estimated time of arrival (ETA).

SONAE’s «Transport Radar», as they now call the MIXMOVE solution internally, is integrated with multiple telematics equipment and solutions from the truck fleet.

"We decided to implement the MIXMOVE platform as an intelligent layer on top of our existing systems. The platform allows us to have full visibility over the entire operation in real-time, across all carriers, regardless of the telematic service used. We are also quicker to react to delays and unexpected events. And the solution frees our team to focus immediately in solving the real issues." Pedro Sales, transportation manager at SONAE

Check out the whole MIXMOVE success story with the Portuguese food-retail market leader Sonae and the Scandinavian transportation company Intercargo.

MIXMOVE Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

We would be happy to explain the advantages of our RTTVP platform and discuss with you which improvements you can achieve with MIXMOVE in your company.

Do you have special wishes, such as saving logistics costs, achieving emission targets, or improving the collaboration of your partners, employees and resources? We look forward to achieving these goals with you. Our innovative RTTVP technology enables companies like 3M, DHL, and Intercargo to achieve unprecedented collaboration, product visibility, and effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient logistics flow optimization - at a glance + 90% capacity utilization, - 35% cost reduction, and - 50% C02 reduction.

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