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MIXMOVE has been selected to join the Spring Resilient Supply Chain cohort launched by SAP.iO

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

SAP.iO Launches Resilient Supply Chain Startup Program in Collaboration with Accenture.

We are proud to announce that MIXMOVE has been selected by experts from SAP and Accenture to join the Spring Resilient Supply Chain cohort launched by SAP.iO Foundries Munich and Tel Aviv.

SAP has launched a virtual startup program focused on building a resilient supply chain at the SAP.iO Foundries. Alongside with SAP partners and SAP customers including Siemens, Porsche Digital 12 startups has been selected, from four supply chain domains to join the program.

Supply chain operations often represent the greatest area for risk and loss in many companies. By their nature, supply chains are globally dispersed and complex in their functionality. This makes them especially vulnerable to risk. Resilient supply chain technologies reduce risk by allowing visibility into all operations across the network – and empowering businesses to optimize and adapt their processes and logistics in real-time.
- Sap.IO

To address these challenges in the world’s supply chains, SAP.iO Foundries Munich and Tel Aviv joined forces and introduced the “Resilient Supply Chain” program. The cohort is the largest to date. The startups will work with the Foundries as well as leading companies from various fields on integration and partnership with SAP.

The program builds upon SAP and Accenture’s long-standing partnership and shared commitment to using technology to help the world build a more resilient Supply Chain.

We are pleased to be selected and are eager to get our hands dirty to get the most out of this curated mentorship to develop high-impact proofs of concept.

View our SAP integration video here

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