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MIXMOVE featured in Logistikk Inside

Are we at risk of the city centers being overloaded with city terminals, drop-off points and micro-hubs and increased traffic on city streets? - MIXMOVE has the right solution.

Dr. Jan Tore Pedersen from MIXMOVE recently presented a smarter solution for urban logistics based on neutral public terminals. The presentation was part of a members' meeting in - a trade union political arena for the long lines of urban development. Pedersen's ideas about how the municipalities can get involved in freight traffic in the cities received applause from the Bullby network.

Sustainable freight transport depends on goods owners, logistics operators and carriers, but the municipality itself should also take on a more active role.

EU projects within urban logistics

MIXMOVE participates in EU projects concerning urban logistics and passenger transport in the cities and believes Norwegian cities need new measures.

The municipalities must get involved in freight traffic and not only be concerned with passenger traffic. Maybe, one day, the combined busses will return, like it was in the past - the bus that brought both people, mail and packages.

The goal is to reduce traffic and make the best possible use of the units. One of the measures is to combine people and goods in the same unit via mobility points.

Interested to read more? - Read the full news article, where MIXMOVE is featured here.

MOVE 21 - Finding zero-emission solutions

The EU project MOVE21, is a test arena that aims at finding smart solutions to reduce emissions. This includes Oslo Municipality, Viken, Ruter, ICT Norway, Urban Sharing, TØI and MIXMOVE. The project aims to help European cities take a leading role in smart zero-emission solutions in the transport sector and look at new mobility and logistics solutions.

Read more about MOVE21 here!

Save money, increase customer satisfaction and reduce carbon emissions in your logistics - Sounds too good to be true?

To make logistics more efficient and bring the industry into the future, MIXMOVE offers a cloud-based software that opens up and maximizes operations. The software is added to existing logistics management systems and provides control, visibility, and flexibility.

Get started with MIXMOVE today - and gain new insights! In particular, how companies such as DHL, or 3M have been able to significantly reduce logistics costs without changing their existing supply chain processes.

Reach out to us today!

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