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5 key logistics trends and beyond

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Making the switch from paper-based processes and rigid legacy systems to a digital supply network has surely been one of the biggest logistics trends so far in 2020 – as predicted.

Digital Logistics

In an industry marred by inefficiency for decades, the advances made with digital Logistics have revolutionised a number of key processes and operations to support product development, foster innovation and create new sources of revenue. Making the move from traditional to digital logistics is no longer a choice. It needs to be done in order to stay competitive in the years to come. Improved supply chain collaboration and better real-time analytics is further proof that the benefits and opportunities that have emerged with Digital Logistics has been nothing short of amazing for a number of different businesses. It has been said that real-time visibility is the core of logistics.

If your business has not yet made the switch to Digital, the time to act is now!

In addition to Digital Logistics, our expert analysts identified Supply chain collaboration, B2B2C, Green logistics – and an exciting new concept called «Elastic Logistics», which allows you to rapidly scale your logistics capabilities to align with demand – as the five biggest logistics trends at the moment. Which of these will help your business take the next leap?

New technologies, increased shipping volumes, and new customer demands call for a change in the way we do logistics. Heightened customer expectations impact every part of the supply chain and sustainability is more important than ever.

This free report provides you an overview of 5 key trends in logistics for 2020 and beyond. Learn how your business can stay ahead of the competition and be ready for the future of logistics!

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