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Innovation in data driven logistics - BVL Webinar

One control dashboard to create value out of all logistics data!

On the 26th of January 2022, MIXMOVE will attend the BVL webinar explaining the importance of supply chain visibility and how a collaborative cloud platform can support your business.

The webinar will consist of 2 parts.

In the first part, Prof. Dr. J. Rod Franklin*, P.E., Professor of Logistics Practice and Academic Director of Executive Education at Kühne Logistics University, will speak about the importance of supply chain visibility and control in managing the reliable and efficient flow of an organization’s inventory.

Given the problems that have surfaced in supply chain operations during the pandemic, end-to-end visibility of supply chain flows and the efficient distribution of goods have become ever more critical operational imperatives in the management of supply chains.

Prof. Franklin will address how modern systems and digital technologies enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in their supply chain operations using the metaphor of the “Physical Internet” as an organizing principle.

MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE - Single source of truth

In the second part, Mr. Arjan Kerkhoff, Sales Director at MIXMOVE, will zoom in about how current challenges as explained in the first part of the webinar, can be solved with a collaborative and single source of truth platform.

A platform which combines all the silo-based data from partners and resources to control, predict and analyse every single logistic event along your logistics no matter where it comes from. Imagine on top you have the ability to visualize all data sources by enlightening your logistics on a product level!

Are you interested to listen in on the webinar with the aim to teach you more about how making logistics processes more efficient, connected and sustainable without time-consuming and costly changes.


Prof. Rod Franklin Arjan Kerkhoff

Professor and Academic Director Sales Director

Kühne Logistics University MIXMOVE

*Rod Franklin is Full Professor of Logistics and Academic Director of Executive Education at Kühne Logistics University. Professor Franklin, an engineer and operations manager by training and experience, received his Doctorate in Management from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Professor Franklin has held management positions at Kühne + Nagel, USCO Logistics, ENTEX Information Services, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Cameron Iron Works. In addition, he has been a consultant for Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Theodore Barry & Associates and Arthur Young & Co. Professor Franklin was also a development engineer for the Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors Corporation.
Franklin’s research focuses on the application of modern management techniques to the efficient and effective operation of supply chains, sustainable business models, green logistics, corporate social responsibility and cloud based supply chain management.
In his role as Academic Director of Kühne Logistics University’s Executive Education program, Franklin’s focus is on ensuring that executives educated at the University receive both the rigor and relevance in their academic training that they expect from a world class research institute like Kühne Logistics University.

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