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Impulse Paper: How 3M and Intercargo lift their supply chain to Amazon Level

Updated: Jan 11

In this impulse paper, two best practices from the well known company 3M and Intercargo, a 3PL company are presented, to show how young intelligent solutions can enable companies to immediately meet customer demands and elevate their logistics delivery excellence to Amazon levels.

Digitalization is impacting all sectors of the economy - logistics is no different.

The automation potential is great, but it brings both opportunities and challenges for companies in this industry. The clear driver here is Amazon. With its focus on delivery speed, transparency and flexibility in delivery, the online giant is setting new requirements and thus greatly influencing the standard of delivery excellence that customers want.

Increased requirements are becoming a challenge for Shipper companies, as well as 3PL companies.

According to market researcher Gartner, one trend has kept supply chains ahead of the curve in recent months: new digital solutions. New young concepts are showing how digital solutions can be used to advantage in supply chains.

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