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From manual to automation logistics processes with MIXMOVE

Updated: Jan 11

Do you want to enable more with less? Then you have come to the right place.

In today's digital age, many companies are still using and operating their logistics processes and flows with manual methods such as EXCEL and csv files.

Processes like, Paper-based documentation - Scanned PDFs - Manually inputting data into different IT Systems - Constantly making calls to get the latest cargo status, Sending plenty of emails to plenty of recipients, represent keywords that portray how to operate under manual logistics, and freeze the company in a traditional thinking mode.

When operating in such an environment, there is often little or no interchangeability between the various software systems used by stakeholders across the supply chain, and most of the coordination and communication is done manually, with human interaction. Arguably, this method is both vastly ineffective, risky, very costly and unfortunately, many industrial logistics operations are still executed in capacity today.

MIXMOVE enables the change

When turning our heads towards automation and digital logistics, it opens up a wealth of new opportunities alongside multiple benefits that cannot be achieved with traditional logistics.

We know that many logistics service providers today deal with a number of every-day problems, such as rapidly growing customer demands, requirements to reduce costs, emphasizing on the need to comply with environmental legislation and continuously striving to maintain transparency on product visibility and ETA.

Luckily by automating your logistics processes, you are able to solve a magnitude of these issues with the MIXMOVE Hub solution.

Are you interested in unlocking hidden synergies and opportunities to improve your logistics processes and increase your logistics efficiency?

Then download this white-paper for free and learn how to get started!



MIXMOVE connects all of your IT-Systems like ERP, WMS or TMS in one interface to make unseen information, synergies and opportunities finally visible. This new visibility will allow you and your team to manage, predict, analyze and control every logistic event in the best possible way, no matter where it comes from. You achieve immediate success without cost-intensive or time-consuming adjustments to your existing IT landscape.

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