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Use a Digital Supply Chain Twin to double your logistics performance

Updated: Feb 13

New white paper alert! - We take you through everything you need to know about #DigitalSupplyChainTwin.

The digital twin technology has disrupted the supply chain industry by enabling a new breed of distributed systems in logistics, facilitating not only data sharing but also collaboration across the supply chain.

Advanced benefits

Digital Supply Chain Twin allows you not only to save cost, but achieve supreme results for your logistics company and while enabling forecasting to enhance your operational performance.

“Digital twinning is a core element in MIXMOVE. Its role is to improve the information exchange, provide access to real-time data and finally to simulate detailed logistics operations that cannot be captured through more traditional mathematical modeling approaches.” - Nuno Bento, Co Founder and CTO

Are you interested to learn more about the latest technology within logistics - Then go to the link and download our white paper today - Happy reading!


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