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Collaborative Networks Across Supply Chains

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Collaboration across supply chains are more important now than ever. Companies need to work together to reduce emissions from transport & logistics and still maximise profits. Not to mention, increase productivity to meet the demands of the customers.

Our solution offers intelligent, horizontal collaboration between shipper, carrier, hub, distributor and the end customer. The aim is to increase load factors to boost efficiency and reduce costs, while at the same time creating more sustainable supply chains.

This logistics process is based on splitting logistics units down to parcel-level so that cross-docking can be used to produce logistics units with vastly improved load factors. Splitting up pallets down to parcel level will ensure that your customer expectations are met dynamically. You get all the necessary functionalities to run the logistic network. This is suitable for shippers and logistics service providers with complex logistics operations and high volume.

Benefits you get by using transportation networks:

Product-level cross-docking

By reconstructing cargo from multiple shippers and logistics operators, you can ensure that all vehicles are fully loaded.

Improved utilisation rate

There is plenty of unused capacity in today's carriers. Increase your fill rates and save both costs and time.

Increased efficiency

Higher freight fill rates, automated processes, and end-to-end item visibility will provide you with a more efficient logistics process.

Reduced carbon footprint

Optimising the fill rates and always making sure that the carrier is fully loaded, will reduce your environmental impact.

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