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Smart City Expo World Congress

Thea Jacobsen | 03. Dec 2019
2 minutes read

A few weeks ago it was time for the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With over 24 000 attendees, 1010 exhibitors, 400+ speakers from over 146 countries, this the world's biggest event on urban development and urban innovation. The main topics for this year’s conference were digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance & finance, inclusive & sharing cities. 

The Nordics

Cleantech Scandinavia, Innovation Norway, Clean, and Business Finland had teamed up for the second year in a row and created a common Nordic Pavillion with exhibitors and speakers. Tech companies, cities, regions, and universities from the Nordic countries showcased their smart solutions at this Pavillion. 

We were a small team from MIXMOVE who attended the conference as exhibitors at the Nordic Pavillion, in addition to presenting our solution on the Nordic stage. 

mixmove team

Cities need a logistics plan 

We got the opportunity to speak with many interesting and inspiring people, from all over the world. We discussed possible partnerships, challenges related to logistics and got to learn about other smart solutions for cities. 

Our aim was to raise the awareness of challenges related to urban freight. The boom in e-commerce equals more deliveries going into the cities which is causing traffic jams and pollution. But this is rarely a topic of discussion when it comes to how we can solve certain city challenges. One of the key takeaways from the conference is that there are many innovate smart city solutions out there when it comes to:

  • Mobility
  • Academia
  • Energy savings
  • Traffic lights
  • Safety and security
  • Health
  • +more

But when it comes to urban logistics, knowledge is limited and few municipalities and cities have a plan for how to solve the challenges related to increased urban freight. This will have big consequences in the future.

 Cities, municipalities, and companies needs to look into solutions for how we can collaborate more and increase the efficiency of urban freight. This will have a great impact on the environment in our cities and cut emissions right away. We believe this can be done with the use of technology and by consolidating goods that are going into the city.

Let's collaborate on making cities around the world a great place to live! 

Are you interested? Use the form to contact us or get in touch with me directly on allard@mixmove.io


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales, MIXMOVE