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Shaping the future of our cities

Thea Jacobsen | 10. Dec 2018
2 minutes read

On December 5th, MIXMOVE was invited as a keynote speaker to first annual Evolve Arena in Oslo, an important meeting place for urban development and future mobility. The conference had over 1400 attendees from 15 different countries, discussing sustainable solutions for our future cities. Both international leaders, politicians, and researchers were present at the event.

Smart Cities

Our society is rapidly evolving, and there is a growing need for new technologies and sustainable solutions. We need to develop cities that protect the environment, as well as city centers for innovation and business development. This event was an excellent arena for people from different industries to come together and discuss these specific challenges.

MIXMOVE´s main topic of discussion on stage was how to increase utilisation rates of trucks across Europe. In addition to how we can reduce emissions and freight costs in city logistics. With the boom in e-commerce, parcel shipping is expected to grow 9% annually. The increase in parcel deliveries is causing congestion challenges in cities worldwide. Average truck fill rates are below 40% in city distribution, which means that there is a potential to bundle freight flows. Also, we need to build collaboration hubs outside the city to avoid large trucks inside the city center. The focus should be on how the packages are delivered, not by whom

SmartCityMIXMOVE can be an enabler for making last mile delivery sustainable and efficient and contribute to solving these issues. Our solution is already up and running in 16 hubs in the Netherlands serving 22 cities.

It was an exciting couple of days, and we were honored to be a part of such a meaningful discussion. We are looking forward to next year!


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