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Recipient of the Physical Internet Venture Award 2019

Thea Jacobsen | 20. Aug 2019
2 minutes read

We attended the 6th annual International Physical Internet Conference in London this July. The European Technology Platform ALICE was one of the sponsors and came together with other players from the industry  to discuss increased collaboration across partners and systems towards the “Physical Internet”. 

Award-winning technology

To our delight, we received this year’s Physical Internet Venture Award from  ALICE. The award is handed out to businesses and new technologies working towards making the Physical Internet a reality. 2019 was the fourth time the Venture Award was a part IPIC.  

We received the award for our innovations and current operations across 20 countries and multiple hubs. In addition to how far we have come in realizing a collaborative network across hubs and logistic service providers like DHL, DB Schenker, Kleine and DSV amongst others. 

Our CEO, Knut Fredrik Ramstad, was caught by surprise receiving the award. 

“MIXMOVE will continue to proactively promote a collaborative network through our highly flexible and intelligent algorithms. We strive to achieve the Physical Internet, where connectivity and network effects work for the benefits of better control and visibility, and also reduced emissions."

This is the second time MIXMOVE receives this award and we are  honored to be one of the players paving the way towards the Physical Internet.

Physical internet conference

Physical what?

But what actually is the Physical Internet you might ask?

The  aim of the Physical Internet  is to get physical goods to move between hubs the same way an email is sent through different servers and internet service providers before it reaches the receiver, efficiently and sustainably.

Want to learn more? Go to https://www.etp-logistics.eu/

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