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MIXMOVE receives grant to develop self-learning terminals

Thea Jacobsen | 23. Jan 2020
2 minutes read

Press Release, Oslo, January 2020

MIXMOVE receives nearly 5 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway, in support for research that will focus on green logistics. The project will be done in collaboration with ELKEM ASA and Sintef Digital.

- The goal is to develop self-learning terminals that constantly make better and better decisions about how goods should move through a logistics network. This allows resources to be utilized much more efficiently. The logistics network will then become more dynamic and this will give both cost and environmental benefits for all the players involved, says Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO of MIXMOVE.

MIXMOVE manages the delivery of goods in a logistics network with more than 25 terminals across Europe. The software makes it possible to sort and split the goods into individual packages when needed, so that all vehicles leaving a terminal can do so with a full load. 

- Our solutions have already reduced the number of empty vehicles by maximizing the capacity. This results in great cost savings but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%. However, the digital solution we have now is only the first step. In the future, decisions about freight and transport services will be made by self-learning terminals, not with freight forwarders like today, says Ramstad.

This new project will replace current manual decision-making rules in terminals with machine learning algorithms based on big data analysis and precise semantic description of available transport data. The algorithms will be tested on historical and current information on all freight movements, transport resources and infrastructure in the network. The algorithms will be validated and tested on a full scale in Elkem's supply chains and in the existing network of 25 terminals using the MIXMOVE software today. 

The funds come from Pilot-T, which is a collaboration between the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Are you interested? Use the form to contact us or get in touch with me directly on allard@mixmove.io


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales, MIXMOVE