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Say hello to our newest team members

Thea Jacobsen | 02. May 2019
3 minutes read

There are exciting times for MIXMOVE these days. We continue to grow and develop our company further. In order to do that, we need the best people possible. Say a digital hello to the newest additions of the MIXMOVE team!


Expanding the team in Norway, Poland and Portugal

In April, Christoffer Wang started as CFO at the Oslo office. Christoffer has an MBA from Queensland University of Technology and has a total of six years experience from management consulting in Deloitte and Grant Thornton, as well as CFO experience from a multinational IT-company.

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In April, two new faces also joined the sales department. Marcin Kosewski is our new account manager in Poland. He is based in Warszaw and will be our representative in the Polish market. He is an experienced sales manager in the area of B2B professional services. Marcin has a problem-solving mindset and we are excited to explore new possibilities in Poland.


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- "Joining MIXMOVE  is a great opportunity to be a part of  the digital transformation in logistics and simultaneously support clients in being more efficient. I always wanted to work close to operations and technology - and by joining, I get both.  It’s commonly said that supply chain is, in general, the last business area where companies can gain significant efficiency improvements, which not only saves money but also reduce the carbon footprint. I hope we as a team can contribute to make the world  of logistics more efficient and sustainable."


The team in Lisbon have been accompanied by account manager Gustavo Dantas. He has expertise in supply chain, international logistics, and business development. Gustavo has previously worked several years at Schlumberger as a supply chain and logistics coordinator and as an import/export specialist.

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 - "I am excited to combine my supply chain expertise with cutting edge technology to help Portuguese business development."



 We are thrilled to have them onboard and excited for the opportunities ahead! 



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