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Expanding the team further

Thea Jacobsen | 29. Sep 2020
4 minutes read

New season-new team members! We are expanding the team yet again and we are happy to see that our company are going in the right direction, with the right people. Over the last two months, we have onboarded new people in both the development- and sales department. Over the last two months, we have onboarded new people in both the development- and sales department.


Let's get to know the new MIXMOVE' ers!

Allard Peeters

Allard is our new VP of Global sales. He is based in the Netherlands and has previously worked for Alpega, MPO and Blujay. We asked Allard about his view on the current logistics industry:

“Over the past decades, the cloud has become the foundation of our economy. For logistics, this has had a revolutionary impact on our capabilities to manage the End-to-End supply chain. I dare to say that the P of place in our marketing mix has become the dominant factor for success. 

Driven by ever-increasing customer service levels, a totally new logistics playing field has arisen. The world is rapidly e-commercializing, demanding end-to-end visibility and control on each level of the supply chain. We need logistics that balance between extreme customer delivery services and the continuous optimization of supply chain operations.

I am excited to join MIXMOVE and help companies get to the next level of supply chain management by providing them our revolutionary fulfillment technology- delivering each order on time in full, in the most optimal and green way!”


Alex Souza

We have also onboarded a new software developer named Alex. He is from Portugal and will be working out of the Lisbon office.  We asked him what motivated him to join MIXMOVE: 



«I am very happy to have been selected to work with the MIXMOVE team. I enjoy working with product development, keeping myself updated with programming technologies, and expanding my knowledge. This is what motivates me to be part of MIXMOVE»



João Pinheiro

João is a Quality Assurance Consultor. He will also be joining the Lisbon office. Here is a quick introduction of our newest team member:

«I’ve years of experience with both developing and testing software. I believe that a good quality product is only possible when we do the correct mix of technical excellence to business needs and JPgood user experience. There must be an equal contribution from all elements. I'm hoping, with my experience on QA, to help improve the QA processes in MIXMOVE and establish better testing plans.

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, my current hobbies are walking/running (99% walking) and reading (I've set a personal goal of reading, at least, 5 minutes per day). In the years before Covid-19, I did ballroom dancing, tap dancing, and running. My sports club is Benfica, but it's been years since I've seen a game.»

We are honored to have them all on our team and excited for the future!

Are you interested? Use the form to contact us or get in touch with me directly on allard@mixmove.io


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales, MIXMOVE

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