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A digital showroom for green and sustainable solutions

Thea Jacobsen | 11. Mar 2021
3 minutes read

We are proud to be featured on "The Explorer",  which is a digital showroom for green and sustainable solutions in Norway.  It is a component of the Norwegian government's initiative to create a green profile for Norway, developed by Innovation Norway in 2017. 

Partnerships for a green and sustainable future 

Working together through partnerships in order to create a sustainable development for the future, is more important than ever. That is why the United Nations developed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were created to ensure sustainable development and are commonly associated with each other. The main focus is to end poverty, reduce inequality and take action against global warming through global partnerships.


The Explorer are structured around these 17 goals, and the solutions they present are actively working towards one or several of these objectives. MIXMOVE is featured on The Explorer due to our cloud solution that aims at tackling the issues related to efficiency and sustainability in logistics. We are working towards the two UN goals “industry, innovation and infrastructure” and  “sustainable cities and communities”.

Approximately 40% of road transport capacity in Europe today is unused. This can be translated into EUR 100 billion in unused resources. The main problem is the lack of load unit optimisation. This opens up a huge market potential, both in Europe and across the globe.  

Based on existing resources and capacities, MIXMOVE can orchestrate volume-optimised pallets for loading purposes of all kinds, whether truck, forwarding agency, train, airplane, or cargo ship, based on the next destination. This results in higher fill rates and increased operational efficiency. By optimising supply chain operations, we can reduce carbon emissions from transport by up to 50% by utilising the unused capacity and increasing carrier fill rates. 

The Explorer feature over 100 Norwegian green tech solutions in their digital showroom and we are excited to be one of them! Check out our full profile on The Explorer.

Use the form to contact us or get in touch with me directly on allard@mixmove.io


Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales, MIXMOVE