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We are members of ALICE

Thea Jacobsen | 04. Jun 2019
2 minutes read

We are proud to be a member of The European Technology Platform ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration in Europe). We are in the company of well known brands, all working together to find better and smarter solutions for the industry. 

More sustainable and competitive supply chains

The aim of ALICE is to develop new, innovative logistics and supply chain concepts and to make the industry more competitive and sustainable. The ambition is to contribute to a 30% improvement of end to end logistics performance by 2030. They work with shippers, logistics service providers, transport companies, terminal operator, and support industry and education across Europe.

members of ALICE

Source: https://www.etp-logistics.eu/

The alliance was established in 2013 due to the need for an overview of logistics and supply chain planning and control in Europe. In addition, there was a need for close collaboration between shippers and logistics service providers to achieve efficient logistics and supply chain operations.

The members of ALICE contribute by discussing challenges and needs in the industry and contribute to innovation in logistics and supply chain. By becoming a member, you commit to having a role in developing requirements needed for implementation of new concepts and be at the forefront of industry innovation, development, and implementation.

IPIC 2019

ALICE is also organizing the International Physical Internet Conference 2019, taking place in London this July . Our CEO and CTO have been invited as speakers. We in MIXMOVE believe in the Physical Internet being the future of logistics. With our software, we provide digital capabilities necessary to start the realization of the physical internet. The event is about bringing the Physical Internet to life, discussing how to achieve “a smart hyperconnected era of efficient and sustainable logistics, supply chains and transportation”. 

We are looking forward to three exciting days in July and to start our collaboration with ALICE. See you in London!




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