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MIXMOVE has been recognized as a Cool Vendor

Thea Jacobsen | 18. Aug 2020
1 minutes read

MIXMOVE is proud to be recognized as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in their Supply Chain Management Technologies report 2019.


As 1 out of 5 vendors named , we believe MIXMOVE was recognized as a Cool Vendor because of our platform for supply chain collaboration. The other vendors in the report are Bluecrux, CargoSnap,Newmine and RightHand Robotics. 

Our solution makes it easy to connect multiple partners into an open collaborative network. With the help of smart algorithms, we enable companies to make better decisions and boost the efficiency of logistics operations. Our goal is to Increase efficiency and reduce emissions through collaboration and data-driven logistics. 

We believe that global collaborative networks are the future of logistics are passionate about creating more efficient and sustainable supply chains.

Read more about why we were recognized as a Cool Vendor in our complementary report.

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