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Making GS1 an essential part of the digital world

Thea Jacobsen | 04. Mar 2019
3 minutes read

 The Global Forum is GS1´s largest event to align the organisation's global strategy. This year, it took place in Brussels during the last week of February. The event had  around 900 attendees from more than 95 different nations. We were invited to present MIXMOVE Ship, a solution that we developed together with GS1 Portugal. 

The Portuguese retail market

Retailers in Portugal experience that many suppliers are not compliant with their standards. This increases manual handling and thus leads to a less efficient logistics process. GS1 Portugal wanted further insight into this issue and conducted a survey among producers that uncovered the following:

  • 86% of companies were found to be non-compliant with retailers

  • More than 70% of these companies expressed the need for a solution to help streamline their shipments

  • The efficiency increased by 32% using GS1 logistic label compared to a logistic process without a label

To solve these issues, a strategic alliance between GS1 Portugal and MIXMOVE was established. The objectives were to enable companies to use the GS1 standards correctly (SSCC, GS1-128) and help SME companies improve their logistics process.


MIXMOVE Ship for retail 

The result became “MIXMOVE Ship for retail”, a cloud based solution for small and medium enterprises. The solution allows SME shippers and carriers to generate CEN Harmonised Transport Label with valid SSCC via the web, without the need for complex IT on site.

Colmeia do Minho cut


MIXMOVE Ship Retail provides several benefits for the shippers: full control of the delivery process, automated packing process at the warehouse, reduced errors and compliance with retailer and distributors.

The GS1 Global Forum was an inspiring and relevant event for MIXMOVE and we received interest from all parts of the world.The solution is already up and running, hence the development and set up is completed in collaboration with GS1 Portugal.

So if you are a retailer/supplier with the need of being compliant or interested in discussing how we could collaborate in your market, we encourage you to connect! 



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