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Challenges ahead in the T&L industry

Thea Jacobsen | 25. Apr 2019
2 minutes read

Our very own Artur Alves and Juan Romero were invited to speak at a conference hosted by UNOlogistica in Madrid this week, to present the work with smart city logistics in the Netherlands. UNOlogistica is an association for all companies related to the logistics sector in Spain.

Mobility challenges 

The main topic for this event was Mobility Challenges in Logistics and Transportation. Among the attendees were people from companies responsible for mobility and transportation in Spain,  who has concerns about how to deal with the increasing number of vehicles and pollution inside city centers. Some of the companies represented was Mahou-San Miguel, Home Logistics, Primark and Cofares.

The day was divided into three different modules. The first one raised the question on how to reduce emission in last-mile distribution, using new technologies and connectivity among retailers and transport companies. Cooperation between these players could potentially lead to full trucks loads into the cities and help avoid traffic chaos.  Next, the topic of discussion moved on to how we can give restricted access to transportation inside the centers in big cities, like Madrid, to reduce emissions and transport resources.  

Smart city solutions

Last but not least, it was time to discuss smart city solutions, where Juan and Artur presented our work in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands alone, the city delivers are responsible for 3,6 megatons of CO₂ emissions yearly. To prevent this from increasing, actions had to be made. Therefore it was set up 16 hubs serving 22 cities. In these hubs, MIXMOVE provides the digital capabilities to move, consolidate and store the cargo from multiple shippers. This has resulted in optimised last mile consolidated freight flows, full integration with cargo owners systems and a significant reduction in emission inside the cities. We believe that this is the future for city logistics to have green and sustainable city centers around the world.


The day with UNO logistica and CEOE  was inspiring and it lead to connections with several interesting companies within different industries. We are looking forward to an exciting future within city distribution. 



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