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Get full overview of operations with our Full Carrier solution or improve your existing legacy TMS system.

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Get Control Over Your Daily Operations

MIXMOVE Deliver offers complete control over the daily operations to logistics service providers. Optimise the cost and performance with the use of digital tools and gain visibility in real-time, to improve the customer experience. Digital capabilities become available with low investment, low risk, and a pay-as-you-go model. The solution builds seamless and efficient integrations with all of your partners, subcontractors, and clients. This will provide full control and visibility of your entire supply chain, and makes you more equipped to handle unexpected events. 

"MIXMOVE was the key technology enabler that allowed Transporta to transform its operations. Our business became fully digital, with dramatic impacts in operational performance, profitability and customer satisfaction."


Edgar Monteiro, Strategy Director at Transporta

Benefits with MIXMOVE Deliver:

Digital advantage

Digital logistics is here to stay. Buyers and receivers of goods demand not only transportation but also information, transparency, and proof of delivery about the movement of goods. Get full visibility from sender to receiver to achieve control at all stages.

Save costs and increase efficiency

Automate the booking process and potentially save 5 euro per booking. In addition, by using route optimisation you can likely save 20% of related costs.

Improve your existing system

There is no need to replace all of your existing systems. Improve them by building layers of added value around.

One platform for all operation operations

By using one platform only, you will improve your customers´ experience, minimise manual work and provide seamless and efficient integrations with all partners. With digital tools for tracking and booking, you can optimise cost and performance of your services.

Reduce your manual handling

Decrease your administrative overheads by automating booking preparation processes. This can be done by mainly eliminating the need for time-consuming calls or emails, or the manual input information into multiple solutions

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How prepared you are for the future of logistics?

Low investments 

Build on existing systems

Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems.


Fee per loading Unit or WayBill.

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No costly EDIs

No costly EDI connections to integrate all the actors in the supply chain.

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