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Inbound logistics

Digitize your inbound logistics and get the visibility and control you need to achieve customer excellence


Make the invisible information visible


We scale with your business

Whether you consolidate your orders in a single hub with basic cross-docking requirements, or manage a hub and spoke network with complex requirements, our solution can help you

Order-level visibility

Visibility into each order item along the logistics process enables monitoring and the agility to adapt to changes

3-dimensional cross-docking

By adding the dimension of height, we can de- and reconstruct your orders to build volume optimized handling units based on the next transport leg's requirements

Dynamic planning

Build agility and resilience into your operations by dynamically planning the next leg based on the actual order requirements.

Cost reduction

Save costs by reducing your warehouse space requirements and make optimal use of your transport assets by planning the best combination of orders for the next leg.

Non-invasively amplify your operations

Enhance your capability by easily connecting your existing ERP, WMS and TMS systems to our API enabled platform.

MIXMOVE's unique capability to be integrated with both internal and external systems makes visibility easy, even at a trade item level, providing all stakeholders with full control and 360º visibility on every move throughout the logistics supply chain.

Solution Overview

01 Plan & Execute

Turn your orders into shipments that are planned against flexible transportation shipment rules.

02 Follow

Be in full control of the execution by having a single view of the progress of the shipment. Real-time exception management ensures predictability in your operations.

03 Account & Report

Ensure the correct payment for services and have full visibility into costs, execution and performance.


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Knut-Frederik Ramstad