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Smarter crossdocking and hub execution with the MIXMOVE HUB BOOSTER solution

Make the planning & execution of your
cross docking/Hub processes your competitive advantage

One innovative Hub layer — 100 new financially strong advantages

Reduction of logistic costs
Stop unnecessary costs for  storing and picking of goods.  


High-Speed warehouse throughput
Transparent inbound and outbound planning & management

Speed thanks to visibility 
New visibility of "virtual inventories" and "Change in transit for an efficient handover of goods. 

Less costs with increasing order volume

Achieve maximum fill rates and grow without additional resources. 

Moving closer to customers 
You ship at Amazon level in speed and quality. 


Explore the new warehouse execution power for logistic professionals

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Make better, smarter decisions with MIXMOVE's live platform

Real-time visibility – to make real-time warehouse decisions

MIXMOVE has been developed a solution to combine the best of cross-docking and order reconstruction with success. A new way to achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness of cross-docking. By choosing MIXMOVE you will always receive the MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE Layer, which allows you to connect your data to view and visualize your data clearly in a dashboard. The visibility layer is the heart of the MIXMOVE intelligence and allow you to achieve any goal at any time. Benefit from traceability and visibility of pallets, products and items, efficient inbound and outbound management and an increased storage density and energy efficiency.

No IT change needed 

No interruption of existing processes 

Connecting and visualization of all data in use 

Ship with the leaders in sustainable freight

Go for excellent warehouse management

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have an existing management systems (WMS/ TMS), the MIXMOVE software can be used for both scenarios. The information about incoming cargo is sent directly to the software. The cross-docking or order reconstruction activity is managed, and upon completion, the cross-docked or reconstructed cargo is transferred to the normal operations in the hub. Information about the cross-docked or reconstructed cargo is sent from the MIXMOVE solution to the WMS/ TMS or Carrier, using the correct format. Other terminal operations will continue as before and no adjustments are required to existing WMS/TMS.  

Fast, accurate lead times

Eliminate delays

Live performance data across your whole supply chain

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Plan and register the inbound process (providing dock assignment and ETA for truck arrivals) as well as execute the outbound processes in an efficient way, with automatic pallets to load assignment for each truck as well as loading gates and time-windows management.


Plan and assign the docks to trucks based on the provided information (incoming and outgoing trucks) as well as monitor the dock's operations so you can make the required adjustments and make better decisions. 


Continuously track shipments, purchase orders, line items or SKUs to improve your processes. Get predictive ETA in real-time and all info about the quality and location of each single product. Handle damaged and miss-routing loading units (under receiving and over receiving) to keep tabs on all processes running and make the best decisions. The future is no longer about where the order is (WISMO) but where the specific item is (WISMI). 


Consolidate and reconstruct pallets in in a never seen efficiency, ensuring the correct and optimized assignment of cartons and pallets. All modes of transport are now used and combined intelligently.
Achieve maximum transport fill rates and stop emergency hirings. Grow without additional resources like drivers, truck and containers. 


Print all required documents for a smooth process, such as Carrier labels, Packing Lists; Pallet and Truck Manifest and Gs1 128 Retail Labels.


Analyse operational and financial data via customizable and flexible KPIs and reports. Get the important values for your business, in real-time, to benchmark with your competitors and adjust or maintain your processes. 


Achieved business goal from 3M 
- 35 % reduction of transport costs and up to 50% reduction in carbon footprint

Thanks to MIXMOVE, the company 3M reduced unnecessary deliveries by filling loads to the maximum. Instead of loading assets by pallets assigned to only one customer, pallets are loaded chaotically, building up to the maximum fill rate by all items destined to the same depot.
"Trucks were now filled up to 70-90%, which lead to massive reductions of CO2 emissions. We also benefit now from a much greater choice over which hubs and carriers they want to use. By using the MIXMOVE we managed to reduce transport costs by 35% and CO2 emissions by 50%."
Patrick Van De Vyver, the former Head of EMEA’s logistics operations at 3M

Unsure with your warehouse business goal? 

Make better, smarter decisions with MIXMOVE's live platform

Our logistics experts talk to you about the requirements of your industry, provide you with best-practice approaches from implemented projects and show you the additional opportunities that MIXMOVE can provide in the areas of cost reduction, strengthening of customer satisfaction, digitalization switch and Co2 emission reduction. 

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One execution platform — 100 different advantages

👏 🚀 Celebrate your KPIs 

Use your resources and human power in the best way and achieve every business goal step by step. Discuss the next goal with the MIXMOVE logistics consultants and go further on your way to automated logistic process and high level customer satisfaction.


React to supply chain bottlenecks at an early stage, balance logistics capacities and cushions unforeseen incidents. Tactical course settings can be initiated at an early stage. Current insights can be called up graphically at any time and can be incorporated into strategic decision-making processes.

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Determine cost-efficient planning and execution of your deliveries.
Optimize the utilization of all transport resources in a sustainable way and speed up the flow of your goods. Delivery times, costs and driver utilization are now metrics within reach.

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Join leading brands with MIXMOVE 

MIXMOVE supports organisations to run their businesses more sustainably, cost-effectively, compliantly, and efficiently with our cloud base solution. Achieve real-time journey management, planning and proof of delivery solutions.  Our Gartner awarded technology is robust and scalable to meet the needs of any business, including yours.

Why not explore a solution that convinced VW, DHL and 3M? 

The appointment will take no more than 20 minutes and as a logistics expert you will gain new insights —  we promise.

In particular, how companies such as DHL, 3M or Intercargo have been able to significantly reduce logistics costs

without changing their existing supply chain processes.
What do you think?

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