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Welcome to our webinars!

How to plan your supply chain in the age of disruption?

Global disruptions have a big impact on global supply chains. In situations like these, an agile supply chain is critical to maintaining business and improving the relationship with your clients. 

In our bi-weekly webinars we look at what is needed to achieve a resilient supply chain, and how to be prepared for the future now.


  • May 27: Richard Tucker is MIXMOVE’s sales director in the UK. He will be talking about how the global retail industry is experiencing unprecedented changes in consumer behavior due to COVID19. 


  • June 10: Jaco Voorspuij is the senior manager of transport and logistics at GS1 global office. The topic of this webinar is global standardization and how GS1 plays an important part in the digital transformation.


The webinars will be every other Wednesday at: 09:00-10.00 am CET Time (GMT +1).


The hosts:

Nuno Bento, CTO and founder of MIXMOVE &

Anders Nordahl, COO Asia-Pacific at MIXMOVE 

    Nuno Bento     Anders Nordahl



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