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Get end-to-end visibility over your supply chain

Monitor. Understand. Predict.

Growth in e-commerce, higher customer expectations for top-quality services, and an increased demand for transparency are all factors that challenge the way shippers control their supply chains today. Companies are looking for tools that enable them to provide exceptional visibility, anticipate events that might compromise deadlines and evaluate both their own and their logistics partners’ performances to keep competitive advantages

We can enhance your supply chain and help your business to stay in forefront. Our solutions consolidate and analyse multiple data points to bring visibility across the supply chain and let you follow every move. This makes it easier to anticipate and be proactive when it comes to deviations in your day-to-day operations. 

MIXMOVE X-Track is an agile and flexible cloud platform that provides complete end-to-end supply chain visibility and proactive control over transport operations. Transparency over the logistic execution process allows your company to focus on improving other areas of your operations instead. 

Save costs and become more efficient to improve customer experience!

"With MIXMOVE the GS1 barcode preparation process became simpler, faster and less costly. We were also able to eliminate codification errors, thus increasing retailer satisfaction."


Mrs Lurdes Goncalves, Casa do Preto

Benefits you get with MIXMOVE X- Track:

Better insights

Anticipate deviations or unexpected events in the supply chain and take proactive measures.


Our solution can easily scale with the complexity of your company.

Full visibility and control

Gain full visibility and control over the entire journey of your goods, from origin to delivery.

Integrate with existing systems

X-Track can easily be integrated on top of your existing systems. No new investments needed.

mixmove solution on laptop

Are you ready to optimise and transform your supply chain?

Low investments

Build on top of existing systems

Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems.


Fee per Loading Unit or WayBill.


Our solutions are easily scalable.

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