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Increase the efficiency of your logistics operations


Keep The Goods Moving Constantly

The big increase in shipping volume is causing capacity issues in warehouses all over the world. Manual handling and lack of visibility over the shop floor can result in costly mistakes and unsatisfied customers.

MIXMOVE X-Dock is an innovative solution for digital cross-docking operations, making it possible to handle the increase in volume with the same capacity you have today. The solution manages shipment execution, orchestrating labor, equipment, orders and inventory in cross-docking operations. It aims at making the best possible use of transportation resources, while respecting the agreements made regarding the movement of goods between all stakeholders involved.

By executing a plan for incoming trucks that complies with rules and constraints from all parties, operations can become a flexible set of activities.

By orchestrating the equipment, you can make sure that devices are in the right place, at the right time – and with the right information, so that users know exactly how to do the procedure seamlessly. This will reduce the number of human mistakes and promote speedy performances.


Are you ready to get started?

Benefits you get with MIXMOVE X- Dock:

Efficient cross-docking

Deconstruct and reconstruct pallets to optimize your fill rates and reduce your carbon footprint.

Quick and easy set-up

Our cost-effective solution is easily implemented with no disruption to your operations, so that you can quickly make the most out of your investment.

Quality service level

Connect with your partners and take advantage of external information to improve the service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

End-to-end visibility

Better visibility and control, by using smart technology, allows you to avoid errors.

mixmove solution on laptop

"By using MIXMOVE, 3M EMEA managed to reduce transport costs by 35% and CO2 emissions by 50%."

Patrick Van De Vyver, Former head of EMEA’s logistics operations at 3M

Low investments

Build on top of your existing systems

Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems.


Fee per Loading Unit or WayBill.

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Our solutions are easily scalable.

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