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MIXMOVE Deliver Execution System

Transform your business and become fully digital

Save Time, Money and Reduce Emissions

The Transport & logistics industry is highly competitive; Fast speed, reduced capacity, low margins, environmental concerns, limited visibility, driver shortage. Sounds familiar?

We can help you tackle these challenges to boost your company’s growth and success.

MIXMOVE Deliver provides companies with the tools to allocate their resources in the most optimal way, and to uphold all commitments to their customers. Planning and routing procedures become automated, which improves productivity levels and gives companies full and accurate visibility over their operations.

Deliver is a digital solution that focuses on the optimisation of resources and simplification of operational realities. With the capabilities to automate, execute and optimise, the solution enables companies to focus on their operational improvements. The benefits include saved costs, increased efficiency, and more value-added services for the customers.


"MIXMOVE was the key technology enabler that allowed Transporta to transform its operations. Our business became fully digital, with dramatic impacts in operational performance, profitability and customer satisfaction."


Edgar Monteiro, Strategy Director at Transporta

Benefits you get with MIXMOVE Deliver:

Planning and routing

Easily automate your planning and routing. Allocating the right drivers to the right resources becomes an easy task.

Save costs, improve productivity

Better planning results in reduced transportation costs and increased productivity.

Optimise resources

Optimise your available resources to spend more time on other value-added activities.

Do more with less

Deliver more goods, with total visibility and higher quality standards.

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Are you ready to optimise and transform your supply chain?

Low investments 

Build on top of your existing systems

Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems.


Fee per loading Unit or WayBill.


Our solutions are easily scalable.

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