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Shaping the future of sustainable logistics

Our vision


We want to create the leading global logistics cloud solution to solve the environmental, collaboration and economic challenges in the current logistics systems. As logistics become more customer-centric and supply chains aim to become more resilient and sustainable, the complexity of network design will increase and changes in approaches to last-mile delivery will need to be adopted.

Initiatives such as Smart City Logistics and Collaborative Transportation Networks will become more mainstream and perfectly supports these new strategies. MIXMOVE is already future enabled and ready to help you when you are looking to adopt these concepts into your logistics strategy.


Our Initiatives


mixmove collaborative transportation network solution

Collaborative transportation networks

Collaboration across supply chains are more important now than ever. Companies need to work together to reduce emissions from transport & logistics and still maximize profits. Not to mention, increase productivity to meet the demands of the customers.

Our solution for logistics networks offers intelligent, horizontal collaboration between shipper, carrier, hub, distributor and the end customer. The aim is to increase load factors to boost efficiency and reduce costs, while at the same time creating more sustainable supply chains.


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mixmove ´s smart city logistics solution illustration

Smart city logistics

The increase in e-commerce and parcel deliveries is causing congestion and pollution challenges in cities worldwide. More and more European cities are expected to regulate delivery traffic in and out of bigger cities. To meet these challenges, we need Smart City Logistics. Deliveries need to be consolidated and companies need to work together to find the most efficient and sustainable way to deliver goods into city centers.


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We know it is a journey for logistics to become truly sustainable and for us as a global community to work together to make an impact. Our solutions can help you, where ever you are on your digitization and sustainability journey.