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MIXMOVE order fulfillment and execution platform

Gain your competitive advantage by digitizing your supply chain on a single platform providing you visibility and control over each order item.


Amplify your supply chain


Easy collaboration

Centralized on a single platform, you can collaborate with all partners in your own or extended network.

Order-level visibility and control

Visibility into each order item along the logistics process ensures you have the agility to adapt to any changes.

Easily connect

Integrate into our cloud platform via our open APIs without much interference to your existing IT landscape.

Data-driven insights

Use the power of consolidated data to derive insights and manage your logistics processes.

Optimal resource utilization

Maximize the utilization of your transport means, reducing your transport costs and environmental footprint.

A versatile platform to meet your needs

We help shippers, carriers and forwarders.

MIXMOVE is proud to be named a Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Management Technologies by Gartner.

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Our customers use MIXMOVE for


reconstruction process on laptop

Cross dock distribution 

Shippers have the ability to postpone order consolidation until the last mile while ensuring consistent service quality and customer satisfaction regardless of the different service providers involved in the process. Service providers improve their performance levels with the automation of processes, eliminating most errors and ensuring flexible and consistent logistics flows.


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last-mile solution on laptop

Last-mile distribution 

The solution helps LSPs, carriers and couriers with planning, routing and resource optimization, providing visibility and control over the transport service execution. This solution can also handle the cross-docking of the hub, from receptions and storage to load confirmation.


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inbound logistics solution on laptop

Inbound logistics

As a brand owner, you want to manage the flow from external vendors and/or your own production units to the distribution centers. By establishing a more efficient distribution network, fully supported by cross-docking, lead times are improved, fill rates are optimized and therefore, freight costs are significantly reduced.


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