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Logistics software

A flexible, independent and modular Software-as-a-Service solution for logistics operations

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Smarter and Greener Logistics

The world of logistics is constantly changing. The industry needs to go green and digital – and companies need to change fast in order to stay competitive. 

We help our customers drive value through more efficient logistics operations. Our cloud-based software solutions will enable you to increase your efficiency and get full visibility and control over your operations. Utilise your resources in the best possible way and spend more time on profitable activities. A more efficient use of resources will also help reduce emissions.

We know what the future of logistics looks like and we have the tools to get you there!


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How to plan your supply chain in the age of disruption?

Bi-weekly on Wednesdays, 09.00-10.00 (CEST)


Global disruptions have a big impact on global supply chains. In situations like these, an agile supply chain is critical to maintaining business and improving the relationship with your clients. 

We invite you to join our webinars where we look at what is needed to achieve a resilient supply chain. In our next webinar (June 10th) will we discuss the importance of global standardization with the senior manager of transport and logistics at GS1 global office, Jaco Voorspuij.


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Key Benefits:

Cost optimisation

Better planning of your resources will result in a reduction in costs.

Full end-to-end supply chain visibility

Gain insight into where a loading unit is at each stage of the logistics process. This is the only way to anticipate deviations and to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Increase efficiency

With the right tools, you can reduce manual handling and increase the efficiency of your logistics operations.

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Reduce emissions

Through closer collaboration and optimisation of resources, you have the possibility to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Connect different systems

Fill the gaps between the different systems to get full control and visibility over your operations.

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Easy collaboration with partners

With our solutions, you can increase the digital collaboration across multiple partners. Save costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

"By using MIXMOVE, 3M managed to reduce transport costs by 35% and CO2 emissions by 50%."

Patrick Van De Vyver, Former head of EMEA’s logistics operations at 3M

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Maintain and improve your market position

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Supply chain collaboration

Digital solutions for logistics collaboration and optimisation have proven to unleash great savings. Supply chain networks are the future of logistics.

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End-to-end visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility and event tracking help you keep operations under control and gives you the possibility to quickly respond to unexpected events. This will improve customer satisfaction.

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Dynamically manage planning and execution of supply chain operations.

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