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Revolution of loading goods

The average truck fill rate in Europe is only 52%. Half of the capacity companies are moving is just air. Therefore, companies rely on the cloud solution from MIXMOVE to guarantee volume-optimized filling of their carriers to make money out of the available capacity.


Release the real power of your logistics

We are all in the race to win the customer and deliver goods in the best, fastest and cheapest way. Release the real power of your logistics with our cloud solution and become the customer's preferred choice, by easily controlling the chaos.

Make money out of air
Increase carrier fill rates up to 90%

Based on existing resources and capacities, MIXMOVE enables volume-optimized loading regardless of the mode of transport used, taking into account current customer orders and delivery promises.



Changes on the fly

Inspire with predictability & flexibility

Dynamically make changes in your logistic flow when unexpected events occur and meet the end customer’s expectations in terms of shipping speed and completeness.

Track all changes

Real-time item management

Monitor and manage items in real-time with the MIXMOVE control tower. You know at any time where a specific item, not only the order, currently is located in the supply chain and can predict delivery times in detail.



Control not trust

Make invisible information visible

Easily connect MIXMOVE with your different systems and get a consolidated overview. This makes it easier to plan the best possible use of resources and automate your daily tasks.

Save CO2

Reduce emissions up to 50%

Cut unnecessary deliveries by filling loads to the maximum. Freight transport accounts for about 39% of transport CO2 emissions. Your company-specific targets for reducing emissions are achieved more quickly.



Double the turnover

With the existing capacity

Gain more turnover by cutting unnecessary deliveries and filling your carriers to the maximum, or by filling your available space with new customer orders. 


"MIXMOVE is our insider tip! After the implementation, our truck fill rate increased to 90%, which lead to a 35% reduction in transportation costs, and a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions - all with the right use of existing resources."



Enjoy your new Super Power by earning from the low hanging fruits in your logistics

MIXMOVE Application overview-1

All-In-One planning

by unleashing the power of your network

The award-winning platform seamlessly connects all of your daily-use systems, like ERP, WMS and TMS. Centralized on a single platform, you can collaborate with all partners in your own or extended network. You are sure to manage the best possible use of your existing resources at the right time, in the right place and with the right partner.



Dynamic or static delivery planning based on  business rules, including driver and fleet  data


Be in full control of the execution by having a single view of the progress of all shipments


Proactive suggestions to make planning more efficient



Mixmove new customers

Maximum capacity execution

With the principle of "chaotic loading"

MIXMOVE always ensures maximum capacity utilization.

Thanks to the principle of "chaotic loading" you know precisely which loads contain which articles and with which additional fast-moving items these can be filled with when empty spaces exist. Instead of loading carriers with pallets that are assigned to only one customer order, pallets are loaded chaotically, claiming the maximum carrier fill rate, with all items that have the same destination depot in the distribution to the end customer. If there is still available space in the truck, MIXMOVE also suggests loading with A-articles (so-called fast movers) to fill it in the best possible way. 


Increase your carrier fill rate up to 90%

green-checkmark-iconReduce your transport costs up to 35% by filling loads to the maximum.


Reduce storage and warehouse costs by using carriers as mobile warehouses.



Impulse Paper 

Best Practice from the industry:
That's how 3M and Intercargo lift their supply chain to Amazon Level


I am ready to download

Be the customer´s preferred partner

With MIXMOVE item maps

Imagine Google Maps for items: You always know, in real-time, where an item is in the logistic flow and the forecast delivery times, down to the minute. With item-level visibility, you know which articles should be delivered to which customer and offer the fastest possible delivery with the least amount of resources. You can dynamically make changes in your logistic flow when unexpected events occur and meet the end customer’s expectations in terms of shipping speed and completeness.


 Deliver on time, in full and meet the end-customer's expectations and wishes


 Forecast delivery times down to the minute


 Immediately and flexibly reroute items while they are already in transit.



How much money can your company make out of unused capacity?

Visualize your logistics power with our value calculator. All you have to do is to book a meeting with us and enter some variables of your logistics process. Then, we use our Value calculator to quickly assess the potential our solution can generate for you. We are in there to prove and we are sure we can live up to our promise.


One "plug & earn" solution for all kinds of businesses, medium-sized or enterprise!


green-checkmark-icon Shippers

Shippers can postpone order consolidation until the last mile while ensuring consistent service quality and customer satisfaction regardless of service providers.

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green-checkmark-icon Service providers

Service providers improve their performance levels with the automation of processes, eliminating most errors and ensuring flexible and consistent logistics flows.

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green-checkmark-icon LSPs, carriers, and couriers

The solution helps LSPs, carriers and couriers with planning, routing and resource optimization, providing visibility and control over the transport service execution.

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make money out of your existing capacities

The reduction of C02, the volume-optimized loading of your carriers, item-based predictability & flexibility
or the consolidated overview of all your system — book a free meeting now and let's discuss how your business can achieve its goals within days with MIXMOVE. 
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