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SONAE can monitor 200 trucks on their own Transport Radar

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The Portuguese food-retail market leader struggled to keep track of all their deliveries in an efficient way. Implementing the MIXMOVE platform as an extra layer on top of existing systems allowed SONAE to monitor everything in real-time.

From their Central Distribution Centers in Lisbon and Porto, SONAE is managing a fleet of more than 200 trucks. Some of the trucks are their own, while others are run by third-party transportation companies, yet all trucks operate interchangeably. SONAE’s transportation department is responsible for delivering goods to more than 600 stores on a daily basis.

However, keeping track of all the trucks and the deliveries made, was a big challenge. Despite having all trucks support onboard telematics, there was no solution to bridge the management of the fleet with the actual process of controlling shipment deliveries across all their stores.

– In addition, the store managers could not be informed about estimated delivery times, which led to SONAE’s trucks showing up without having a planned allocation for the goods. Without real-time information, not only did the efficiency of the stores suffer, but the overall performance of the distribution process led to more time spent per store than necessary.


«Transport Radar»

SONAE decided to implement the MIXMOVE platform as an intelligent layer on top of their existing systems. The solution provided SONAE’s transportation department with a complete overview of the store fulfillment process. Moreover, every store manager was given information about the items that were to be delivered on a specific day – including an exact estimated time of arrival (ETA).

SONAE’s «Transport Radar», as they now call the MIXMOVE solution internally, is integrated with multiple telematics equipment and solutions from the truck fleet.

– The Transport Radar allows us to have full visibility over the entire operation in real-time, across all carriers, regardless of the telematic service used. We are also quicker to react to delays and unexpected events. And the solution frees our team to focus immediately in solving the real issues, Pedro Sales, transportation manager at SONAE says.

Greatly increased efficiency and overall productivity

Sales is pleased to report that SONAE now has the ability to react immediately to delays and unexpected events. The reception process at the store and the unloading process are both much more efficient and they have significantly reduced the number of non-value-added activities, such as emails and phone calls.

They also have a Control Tower Dashboard with real-time visibility of all deliveries and ETA calculations for each truck. The overall productivity and efficiency of SONAE´s transport department has increased with the implementation of the MIXMOVE solution.

– We are also investing in using the Transport Radar to handle big data to provide real-time insights about operational efficiency, Sales adds.

The MIXMOVE CEO confirms that the software can be combined with a wide range of systems to fit different needs:

– Several companies can benefit from using a real-time tracking solution to make sure their operations run smoothly and efficiently. Particularly in this day and age, where tracking and measuring every aspect of your business is crucial to maximize gains, you really need to have full control over your logistics operations, Ramstad concludes.

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