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Digital logistics solution gave Intercargo the necessary transparency

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Intercargo Scandinavia wanted a modern and efficient logistics solution to prepare and facilitate growth. MIXMOVE is providing the transportation company with just that.

With 200 vehicles transporting mainly frozen goods across Scandinavia and Northern Europe, Intercargo Scandinavia is dependent on great planning and visible supply chains to stay competitive.

“Today, customers demand transparency, accurate tracking, and proof of delivery. The transportation management solution previously used by Intercargo did not cater to these increasing demands,” Hugo Nogueira, project manager in MIXMOVE, explains.

To meet the increasing demands, Intercargo is currently implementing the cloud-based solution from MIXMOVE. The solution provides the transportation company with a complete overview of all operations in real-time and allows Intercargo to provide excellent customer journeys.

A portrait photo of a smiling Hugo Nogueira in a black suit.

OPTIMIZES LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS: Project manager, Hugo Nogueira.

Efficient logistics with centralized information

Before MIXMOVE, Intercargo managed its operations via phone and email. To some degree, it worked, but they wanted a more efficient and secure solution.

“We chose MIXMOVE to modernize because they made it possible for us to gather 10-15 systems into one. When the solution is fully implemented, our communication will be centralized, transparent, more direct, and we will minimize human errors,” Flemming Jacobsen, Head of Innovation and HR at Intercargo, explains.

A man is driving several boxes of temperature-regulated goods into the back of a truck.

NEW INSIGHT: Intercargo also provides MIXMOVE with valuable insight into a new industry. Logistics of temperature-regulated goods require different tweaks to the solution compared to transportation of other types of goods.

The MIXMOVE solution also allows the Danish-based company to track logistics information in real-time. The data includes distance, resting time, fuel, and location. With these data, Intercargo can run various analytics to optimize its operations and give customers access to tracking in real-time for a better customer journey.

“The improved tracking of data also gives us the opportunity to provide great service and optimization possibilities to our customers, Jacobsen adds.

A man is working in front of two computer screens showing various graphs and analytics.

DISCOVER GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES: The MIXMOVE solution allows Intercargo to continuously monitor its service quality and create comprehensive business analytics to grow and scale its operations.

Connects the drivers with the control center

The MIXMOVE solution acts as a bridge between the driver and the control center. By eliminating the old mindset of thinking in silos, the solution can connect with drivers wherever they are. Each stop is automatically added to the drivers’ portable screen, and the solution notifies them when a change is made to the scheduled route.

Three large Intercargo trucks are parked on a snowy parking lot. In the truck in the middle a driver is smiling to the camera

DRIVER IN CONTROL: Once delivery is completed, the Intercargo driver can easily upload the updated information to the MIXMOVE cloud solution.

“The MIXMOVE solution gives our planners and drivers a more efficient workday. The employees were eager and onboard with the change from the beginning”, Jacobsen says.

“Our ambition is to double in size and to become the best service provider in our industry. The digital expertise and modern logistics from MIXMOVE will help us achieve this.

Improving customer experiences with transparent logistics

“Implementing the MIXMOVE solution is an educational journey for us. The product team in MIXMOVE is very supportive, and our project manager, Hugo, does a fantastic job. The most important thing they do is to listen to what we want during implementation and take our doubts and requests seriously”, Jacobsen from Intercargo says.

And the journey is still not over. The solution is still being tweaked and implemented to address the needs of Intercargo. When the solution is fully implemented, the transportation company is ready to grow further and provide the best possible service to its customers and the best possible working conditions for its drivers.

Several people are working in an open office landscape with computers and headsets.

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Intercargo aims to be the best service provider in the industry by using technology from MIXMOVE.

“When we receive implementation feedback from Intercargo, we take the necessary step to achieve their request. This can be installing a new application, making product improvements or train the employees on that specific task”, Nogueira explains.

“We prefer to work proactively to find and solve potential issues before they occur by having weekly check-ins. The meetings build strong communication and establish the customer and us as a team”, he continues.

The customer also has access to 24/7 support if a more urgent situation occurs.

“Our ambition is to double in size and to become the best service provider in our industry. Our digital expertise and modern logistics from MIXMOVE will help us achieve this. Our goal is to make our entire planning system and communication flow automatic,” Jacobsen states.


MIXMOVE adds an intelligent, digital layer to your logistics. The layer provides visibility, control, flexibility, and analytics opportunities.

The solution also facilitates smart packaging to utilize your total capacity by using the product as the starting point rather than the order. Each product is given its own supply chain, and the cloud-based solution knows all its attributes. This allows MIXMOVE customers to fill their trucks or containers with products from several orders vertically towards the roof by stacking similar products on top of each other. By taking advantage of the height, companies are literally making money out of what used to be air.

Curious to learn more about how our solution works?

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