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Maximum warehouse throughput

MIXMOVE superpower - 
Artificial intelligence cross-docking

MIXMOVE warehouse superpower — Artificial intelligence cross-docking

Achieve the highest efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes. Benefit from the traceability of all resources such as products, containers and be aware of all incoming and outgoing goods in real-time.

1. High Speed

Highest efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes. Increase profitability and strengthen your competitive advantage to the fullest.

2. Traceability and visibility of pallets and products

Effective management of all resources such as loads, products, pallets and containers from start to end in all types of logistics operations. This includes all relevant information such as the final destination, where terms and conditions that have been agreed between sender and receiver.  

3. Transparent inbound and outbound management

Offers extremely fast fulfilment processes with short operational windows to cross-dock massive volumes of parcels (“High-volume, high-velocity fulfilment”) to fulfill 

the new standards of e-commerce delivery.

4. Increase storage density
and energy efficiency

Stop investing in new facilities! Make use of the current ones. Remove the need for “packaging and consolidating customer orders” on your shipping floor and to remove the “air” inside your trucks and containers. This eliminates the need for separate docks for different types of carriers (parcels, full trucks, various transportation modes, etc.).

5. Load consolidation and
asset sharing

Utilising transportation resources in the best possible way. Pallets are automatically reconstructed so that trucks and containers can be filled properly.

6. Smart transport network
and warehouses

Monitor all hub operations and cargo movements. Have full transparency throughout all logistics network operations. Shippers and 3PL can monitor the movement of their goods and may have a dashboard presenting progress and performance of the operations. The MIXMOVE solution uses the GS1 SSCC for this purpose.

MIXMOVE innovation in logistics

 Artificial intelligence in cross-docking 

 Artificial intelligence in cross-docking is a new kind of process where companies agree that shipments may be split and that parts of the shipments may be moved in separate vehicles or containers, as long as they are delivered to the receiver as originally agreed. This process opens up the possibility of reducing costs and improving sustainability in logistics.

MIXMOVE has been developed a solution to combine the best of cross-docking and order reconstruction with success. A new way to achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness of cross-docking. 

There is an easy way to increase profitability and strengthen your competitive advantage: stop half empty pallets and trucks. 

The ideal utilisation of trucks and containers is that they are always as fully loaded if possible. This is only achievable if pallets are not used and parcels are being loaded “to the roof” or if pallets are prepared in a way that makes it possible for them to be stacked. 

In order of reconstruction, shipments are broken down, or split, into “parcels”, meaning the lowest level transport unit. This is a process that until now has been unheard of in logistics. The mantra has always been: “If you split shipments, you lose control and you lose cargo”. This mantra has led to significant underutilisation of transportation resources. But allowing to split shipments can substantially reduce costs and emissions.

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The 3 steps of MIXMOVE AI
in cross-docking

1. ) You know in forecast which goods are receieved, thanks to unique IDs and labels 

For AI-cross-docking to work efficiently it is important that all transport units have unique identities. In practice, this means that all parcels and pallets are uniquely identified, using a standard identification system and that each transport unit is properly labelled. MIXMOVE is using the GS1 SSCC code standard to identify transport units for you. This ensures that the identity of each transport unit is unique. We offer software to be used by shippers for assigning SSCC ID to each transport unit and to identify shipments. Our solutions also support the use of the GS1 128 label standard and the CEN Harmonised Parcel Label standard for cross border logistics.

One part of the magic is that MIXMOVE receives information about the incoming cargo prior to the actual arrival of the cargo. Prior to receiving the goods, with MIXMOVE the hubs will have received information about the cargo, the final destination and the terms and conditions that have been agreed between sender and receiver. All this information is taken into account when hubs decide about cargo movements.

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2.) Instead of loading goods with pallets that are assigned to only one customer order, for example, pallets are loaded chaotically with all products that have the same target depot in the distribution to the end customer

Thanks to all the information that MIXMOVE has, the solution knows which pallets can be loaded chaotically with all products that have the same target depot in the distribution to the end customer, claiming the maximum means of transport fill rate and delivery with 'delivery promise'. If there is still free space in the means of transport, it is also loaded with A-articles (so-called fast movers) in advance in order to fill it as much as possible. A-articles are goods that are subject to high demand and are therefore usually already in high demand during delivery. These articles are additionally loaded when the volume is free and temporarily stored in the destination depot. In this way new incoming customer orders can be served quickly and effectively and the delivery speed can be increased significantly. At the hub closest to the destination, all shipments are reconstructed such that the receiver gets exactly what was agreed, when it was agreed plus all relevant documentation. Goods from other production sites or warehouse locations are also taken into account and assigned to the delivery address accordingly.



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3.) Earn the success

The use of the MIXMOVE AI Cross Docking offers numerous advantages:

  • Maximum utilization of transportation resources

  • Significant cost reduction, as fewer carriers are used for the same loading volume 

  • Company-specific targets for reducing C02 emissions are achieved more quickly

  • Delivery promises are met

  • Reduction of transit times

  • Competitive advantage: new customer orders are served quickly and effectively

  • Full supply chain visibility at product level

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One powerful solution for data driven efficient cross-docking 

Whether you are starting from scratch or have already decided to replace existing management systems in the terminal, MIXMOVE  can operate as a stand-alone system for managing terminal operations. The solution receives information (using Transport Instructions) and manages the complete operation.


Many terminals and warehouses are already using a warehouse or terminal management systems (WMS/TMS). In this case, operations can continue as before. MIXMOVE will be implemented without changing any of the existing systems.


In warehouses, for example, the solution will not replace the warehouse management system. Rather, it will complement the existing system. The information about incoming cargo that was previously sent directly to the WMS/ TMS is now intercepted by the MIXMOVE software. The cross-docking or order reconstruction activity is managed, and upon completion, the cross-docked or reconstructed cargo is transferred to the normal operations in the hub. Information about the cross-docked or reconstructed cargo is sent from the MIXMOVE solution to the WMS/ TMS, using the correct format. Other terminal operations will continue as before and no adjustments are required to existing WMS/TMS. 

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Optimization Power

MIXMOVE algorithms determine cost-efficient planning and execution of your partners, transport modes and resources.


It allows you to optimize the utilization of all transport resources in a sustainable way, increase the warehouse throughput, and speed up your flow of goods. 

Visibility Power

One dashboard of truth, with all the data from partners and resources to control all events along your logistics.

Achieve unprecedented real-time visibility of products, assets and partners, leverage your capacities in the most effective way and benefit from new insights of your logistic network. 

Gain the ability to deliver on time and in full, by knowing on product level how to manage logistic flows in the best possible way.

Know what you expect on inbound in order to deliver immediately on e-commerce standards, track and predict the location and condition of any product at any time, and ship goods at a competitive speed.

The 3 core values of the LIGHTHOUSE software platform

Imagine you have the ability to visualize
all data sources by enlightening your logistics on product level!

What power would you expect?

Product-Level Power


For companies who want to achieve results in less than weeks

MIXMOVE cross-dock warehouse solution may be configured to handle small volumes of cargo, essentially using manual handling, or it may link to conveyors or other automatic sorting equipment when volumes are high.​

Effective utilization of logistic assets

Connect your entire supply chain and achieve the best use of existing resources and capacities

Reduced freight costs up to 35% by maximizing fill rates and supplementing remaining space with additional items 

Increase carrier fill rates up to 90%

Stop shortages! Grow without additional resources like drivers and containers

Multimodal optimisation

Increased use of rail and waterborne

Reduce emissions up to 50%

Maximum transport fill rate up to 96% by chaotic loading

All modes of transport are used and combined intelligently (own fleet or subcontracts)

MCC - Multi country consolidation

Reduced storage and warehouse costs by using fleets as mobile warehouses, creating dynamic capacity

Modular road transport 

Using cargo bikes, robots, and other vehicles

Visibility and ETA prediction

Control and manage products, parcels and containers in real-time

Labeling and traceability of goods (Products, Cartons, Pallets, Containers, Vehicles)

Predict delivery times down to the minute for best handover and customer satisfaction

Generate real-time visibility for each item in your network 

Be in control at any time on the status and execution of all items in your logistics network

Have an integral view of the shipping process in real-time

Deliver on time, in full, and meet the end customer's expectations and wishes

Track and predict the location and condition of any product, palet, container and driver at any time

Dynamically make changes when unexpected events occur while products are already in transit

Ship on e-commerce level

Immediately respond and take action on any question of your end customers and business partners

Provide full visibility on the expected time of arrival versus planning

Provide customers and supply chain partners with all relevant status updates on logistics execution as to arrival time, item quantity, and item details.

Maximum warehouse throughput

Highest efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes


Traceability of all resources such as loads, items and containers

Freedom of additional drivers and cost intense resources as newly gained utilization enables growth without investment

Know what you expect on inbound in order to deliver immediately on e-commerce standards,

Automated in- and outbound movement of goods

Ability to do Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Self-Fulfillment, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Automated route planning

Dynamic and static last mile delivery planning based on business rules, including driver and fleet data

Use of “zero-emission city” distribution solutions

Analyze and evaluate all driver data, like stops, fuel etc. to improve last mile delivery

Routing and control of all deliveries, drivers and performances incl. Smartphone app for drivers

Optimized, consolidated freight flows on the last mile

Customer Track & Trace: customers know at any time where the item is located and when it will be delivered

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MIXMOVE is our insider tip! After the implementation, our truck fill rate increased to 90%, which lead to a 35% reduction in transportation costs, and a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions - all with the right use of existing resources."


Hanns-Georg Rybak
Lean and Technology Manager Logistics and Transportation EMEA

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