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Global logistics trends

Thea Jacobsen | 12. Dec 2019
1 minutes read

Growth in e-commerce, new technological innovations, and increasing customer demands when it comes to speed, costs and sustainability, are impacting the world of logistics.

One of the biggest trends in 2020 (and in the years to come) is the move from traditional to digital logistics. Companies who don’t step into the world of digital logistics will have a hard time staying competitive in the future. Making the switch to digital enables better and faster decision-making and is crucial if you want to have full supply chain visibility.

Visibility is another major trend which is important for efficient logistics. According to a report from EFT, approximately 90% of European supply chain professionals state that visibility will be one of their top investments in the years to come, together with cost control.

Collaboration and sustainability

We are also seeing the need for closer collaboration and green logistics. Logistics accounts for 11% of global emissions. To lower this percentage, we need to utilize our resources in a better way and companies need to start working together to reduce the number of “empty miles”. This is a more cost-efficient and sustainable way of doing logistics.

So, which of these trends will help your business take the next leap?

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Allard Peeters
VP of Global Sales, MIXMOVE