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How logistics can give you a new competitive edge

Soren Moller | 01. Aug 2019
4 minutes read

Logistics and transport (as part of the full supply chain), have always just been considered as a necessity of moving products from A to Z. Historically, this has had rather low priority activity, with the reasoning: “how difficult could it be?”.

The cost of these services should be kept at a minimum in a silo-based budget environment in most global companies. Movement of goods has never been the biggest problem, as a number of logistics service providers (LSPs) have been competing for the business. The biggest obstacles for developing a smooth interconnected logistics chain has been the data flows, where isolated server-based (on-premise) companies, could not easily connect with each other. That has all changed now.  


Why has the priority of logistics changed and what are the benefits?

Global web-portals like Amazon, Alibaba and other similar data providers (are they actually anything else?) have proven, that if you control your data  in your own cloud-based environment, you can be in full control from production. Including all the LSPs along the chain to final end-customer. This is a big shift when it comes to business and supply chain control. Logistics has now become the enabler for increased sales and speed.

These data players suddenly “own” the customer through the total data flow. In business to consumer (b2c), they have been doing this for years now. But in b2b, companies are still reluctant about the control of their customer platform and the ability to deliver as promised. 

Changes are coming, but there is a trick to catch up and at the same time increase your competitiveness in this new business environment. 


Why not reduce your spending on logistics and reduce emissions?

All it takes is realism about the future business environment and willingness to take some logistics data decisions for the benefit of your company. Using the same advantages data-wise (Cloud), like Amazon and Alibaba, etc., you will instantly start your journey towards your own great savings in logistics activities. Pay attention to the following in order to achieve a competitive advantage with big data:

  •  Greater filling rates in trucks – using a reduced number of pallets places for your shipments (for the benefit of your company).
  •  Extremely detailed planning of your flow of goods (from the origin) and cross docking, can result in huge savings 
  •  Be open and request savings by bundling flows together in the “Physical internet”
  • Much more focus on reduction in CO2 – ask for new processes.
  • Get the information flow and dashboards you deserve – in real-time


Change from traditional to customer-specific pallets 

In case you still build “customer-specific pallets” for every customer – ask yourself why. Sales department dictation? Easiness or just traditional warehouse culture?

You don’t need to anymore.  Today, we work with a long list of companies utilizing cloud-based algorithms. The solution has changed the concept and provided a whole new cost-saving structure in logistics optimization. 

MIXMOVE enables production companies to be much more competitive in the future. By using a cloud-based logistics system to your advantage, you have a chance of becoming a member of a network of clients that experience substantial savings and benefits in an ever-increasing competitive business environment, no matter what you sell. Our solution also provides collaboration between companies to ensure optimized transportation without having to worry about different systems, we can connect to all different transportation legs. This enables full visibility, identifying discrepancies and automate administration, for the benefit of your company.


Want to know more about how MIXMOVE can help you and your business? Send us an email at steinar@mixmove.io. 


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