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Digital logistics solutions for entrepreneurs

Artur Alves | 27. Mar 2019
3 minutes read

As an entrepreneur, your expertise is in making product. Moving product is a different matter. Delivery management requires a lot of time and handling of several relationships. This is why many forward-thinking manufacturing companies are increasingly turning to innovative logistics systems to streamline the delivery management process.

So what are your options in terms of digital logistics solutions?


Proper labeling for hassle-free delivery

A logistics solution for manufacturers in the retail market serves two main purposes:

  • Helping you deliver your products hassle free to your end customer
  • Helping you control the delivery process (keeping you informed about progress and providing proof of delivery)

But how does a digital logistics solution achieve this?

It does so by providing proper labels for your products and your parcels, making them unique and “understood” by your customers’ information and management systems. When you have prepared your product for transport (i.e. turned it into a parcel), you need to properly label it. The minimum requirement is to use the CEN harmonised label. Another option is the GS1 Logistics Label, particularly if you would like to include important product information like expiry date, etc.

To sum up, one main function of your logistics system is to ensure that the codes used for product and logistics unit IDs are harmonised with those used by your customer. If your customer is using the GS1 standard, then you should do so too, to allow for smooth cooperation.


Other system capabilities

Dispatch advice: A digital logistics system should be able to inform your customer that the ordered goods are ready to be shipped, or have already been shipped.

Transportation booking: Book transportation with logistics service providers that are able to report back the real-time status of the transport operations, including proof of delivery.


Save time and resources

If you are a manufacturer in the SMB segment, it’s time to take your delivery and logistics management to the next level. Using digital delivery management solutions is a cost-effective and efficient way to manage your deliveries – hassle free – so you can turn the focus back on making product to the best of your ability. MIXMOVE Ship is one such solution. MIXMOVE Ship enables manufacturers to effectively ship products, allowing you to efficiently get into the sales channels of retailers and other distributors of goods. With MIXMOVE Ship you get real-time tracking of cargo movements and immediate notifications in case of delays.

In order to ensure that your products are always compliant with your distributor, the solution facilitates product and logistics unit labeling in line with GS1 standards. And of course, it's all in the cloud so that you can access your data wherever you may be. If you are looking to start using a cloud logistics solution, download our free checklist that help you identify what you should be looking for in a cloud solution for logistics.


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