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5 tips to achieve better supply chain visibility

Jan Tore Pedersen | 15. Oct 2019
4 minutes read

One of the key challenges in supply chain and logistics is control and visibility. Customers require this capability and it becomes more and more difficult to achieve as companies outsource parts of their supply, giving away control to 3rd parties.

Why is visibility important?

Supply chain visibility has significant benefits for all partners in the supply chain. End-to-end visibility is the key to efficient supply chain management. It gives you the possibility to respond quickly to unexpected events. And it allows for dynamic and flexible integration between all stakeholders to ensure efficient logistics operations.

So, which concrete measures can you take in order to get full visibility of your operations and increase the efficiency of your business?

1. Label each parcel

In order to be able to track the cargo, the first thing you need to do is to label each individual Logistics Unit (LU). LU identity needs to be unique. Without labeling your LU’s, it is impossible to achieve proper track and trace of your shipments. A label can be a barcode or a QR code.

Some suggested labels are:

  • The Harmonized Parcel Label​ (HPL)
    Issued by CEN, one of three European Standardization Organizations.
  • The new GS1 Logistics Label​.
    It is compliant with the HPL label but may include extra information about the product being transported.

2. Select the right logistics service provider

To achieve better visibility throughout your supply chain, you need to choose a logistics service provider who is willing and able to report on the movement of goods as well as the condition of the goods. Each LU should be scanned when creating larger logistics units (placing parcels onto pallets and pallets into containers) and when it is loaded/unloaded onto any type of transportation (truck, container, plane, ship). This practice gives you control over the entire event pipeline.

3. Automate your processes

Make your internal processes ​digital and automatic.​ This will reduce the hours of manual handling and save your staff time on operational duties. By combining technology and personnel, you can focus 100% on your customers and gain a competitive advantage that will grow your business.

4. Migrate your logistics into the cloud

To achieve visibility in B2B logistics operations, the digital exchange of information between all stakeholders’ systems is crucial. ​A ​digital solution ​that supports printing of the appropriate labels and digital communication with logistics service providers enables you to always track your deliveries, and analyse the cause of any unacceptable deviations. With our digital solution, we can easily connect all of your trading partners in the supply chain by simply adding on to existing systems.

5. Engage into partnerships

Partnerships are becoming more important in business. This goes for supply chains as well. Organisations are relying on vendors and partners to provide services outside of the company's vertical logistics. Finding the partner you can trust can create efficiencies in terms of volume discounts and open book pricing. But it will also improve visibility and awareness across your supply chain. MIXMOVE can offer cargo consolidation and collaboration with other shippers, which maximises utilisation of resources.

Turn your logistics into a source of competitive advantage

Supply chain control and visibility are characterized by a situation where you are able to plan, manage and have a real-time overview of the status of all your shipments​, across all your logistics service providers. With our user-friendly, easy to implement SaaS solution, you get real-time sharing of information and event tracking to help keep your logistics under control and, consequently, your clients satisfied.



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