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MIXMOVE is an innovative startup developing cutting edge cloud software, pushing the boundaries of performance, efficiency and sustainability in logistics.

With the MIXMOVE technology, you get the superpower you need to ensure maximum capacity utilization on all transportation modes by using the innovative IT solution of chaotic loading and item visibility along the entire supply chain. The solution can easily be integrated on top of the existing systems without any disturbance to the IT landscape. MIXMOVE make it possible to deliver excellent customer experiences.

The innovative technology allows companies like 3M, DHL and Intercargo to achieve a never seen  collaboration to gain real time product visibility and an effective, sustainable and cost-efficient optimization of the logistic flow — at a glance + 90 % capacity utilization, - 35 % cost decrease and a C02 reduction of - 50 %.


What started out as an EU-funded project in 2014, led to the birth of MIXMOVE in 2017. Since then, the company has helped customers level -up their logistics operations with the right technology, and this has resulted in better utilization of existing resources, increased fill rates, and improved planning.


MIXMOVE was appointed by the European Commission as BEST INNOVATION IN EUROPE in the category of ICT for Society and is a two-time recipient of the Physical Internet Venture Award. Today, MIXMOVE consist of about 40 people located across Europe. The headquarters are in Oslo, with people also located in Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. MIXMOVE is proud to be a small but global start-up that aims at innovating logistics towards a more efficient and sustainable industry.


In a challenging competitive landscape, MIXMOVE is your secret superpower.

Our clients

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Our Values

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MIXMOVE believes that companies have a responsibility to find new, sustainable ways to do logistics. It relates to both the economical and ecological aspects of logistics. MIXMOVE is an active ambassador for ecologically sustainable solutions.


MIXMOVE value credibility in client-relations. Through deep industry knowledge and collaborations with DHL, 3M, and many other partners, MIXMOVE has built market credibility, and is determined to always strive for this. 


The world is changing and continuous innovation is important to stay competitive. MIXMOVE is actively trying to give customers a competitive edge so they can sustain and grow their business during the digital transformation happening in logistics.

Meet The Team

Philly Teixeira_CEO MIXMOVE.png

Philly Teixeira


Nuno Bento.jpg

Nuno Bento

VP Product Strategy Innovation


Karen Schmikl

VP Product Management


Maria João Carmo

Sales Development Manager

Thelma Graça.jpg

Telma Graça

SW Developer

João Bárbara.jpg

João Bárbara

Team Leader

Ricardo Costa.jpg

Ricardo Costa

Support Manager

Bart Verdonck.png

Bart Verdonck

Director Solution Consulting

Søren Møller.jpg

Soren Moller

Sales Director Denmark

Anders Nordahl.jpg

Anders Nordahl

COO Asia- Pacific

Gustavo Dantas.jpg

Gustavo Dantas


Bernardo Ramos.jpg

Bernardo Ramos

SW Developer

Ana Souto.jpeg

Ana Souto

SW Developer

Hugo 2.jpeg

Hugo Nogueira


Edward Silva.png

Edward Silva

SW Developer

Emma Ramstad.jpeg

Emma Ramstad

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Artur Alves_edited.jpg

Artur Alves

VP Customer success


Christoffer Wang


Luis Gutman.webp

Luis Gutman

VP of Development

Diogo Alves.jpg

Diogo Alves

Onboarding Manager

Rui Martins.jpg

Rui Martins

Team Leader

Mauro Graca.jpg

Mauro Graça

Team Leader

Jan Tore Pedersen.jpg

Jan Tore Pedersen

R&D Manager


Tejal Yogesh

SW Developer

Arjan Kerkhoff.png

Arjan Kerkhoff

Sales Director Benelux

Patrick Van de Vyer.jpg

Patrick Van de Vyver

Sustainability Consultant

Daniel Trindade.jpg

Daniel Trindade

SW Developer

Pedro Santos.jpg

Pedro Santos

SW Developer

Frederico Lopes.jpeg

Frederico Lopes

Support Operations Manager

Rafael Herik de Carvalho MIXMOVE

Rafael Herik de Carvalho

DevOps Engineer


Luís Duarte

SW Developer

Joao Lopes MIXMOVE_edited.jpg

João Lopes

Support Manager

Túlia Silva MIXMOVE.jpg
Eder Weide MIXMOVE .jpeg

Túlia Silva

Office Administrator

Eder Weide


Joana Canoto MIXMOVE.jpg

Joana Canhoto 

Quality Assurance Tester 


Maitê de Castro

Support Technician 

Olegário Nascimento.jpg

Olegário Nascimento

Mobile Developer


Dário Mendes

SW Developer


Matthew Massing 

Sales Director UK 

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