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Best in class cloud software
for outstanding logistics performance
and global environmental protection


MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE is an interactive cloud platform on top of your existing infrastructure designed to solve logistic challenges and achieve business goals. This allows you to reduce logistics costs, end driver shortages and improve customer satisfaction by achieving Amazon-Level of speed and quality in shipping.

mixmove software

Join leading brands with MIXMOVE 

MIXMOVE supports organisations to run their businesses more sustainably, cost-effectively, compliantly, and efficiently with our cloud base solution. Achieve real-time journey management, planning and proof of delivery solutions. Our Gartner awarded technology is robust and scalable to meet the needs of any business, including yours.

Start with any business goal you have and make
your supply chain a competitive advantage

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3M EMEA — Our truck fill rate increased to 96% and we were able to stop driver shortages.


MIXMOVE is our insider tip! Our truck fill rate increased to 96%, which lead to a 35% reduction in transportation costs, and a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Hanns-Georg RybakLean and Technology Manager Logistics and Transportation EMEA3M EMEA GMBH

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SONAE — With MIXMOVE we know the best alternative when unexpected delivery events occur. 

MIXMOVE Feedback Sonae .jpeg

Finally we have full visibility over the entire operation in real-time, across all carriers, regardless of the telematic service used. We are also quicker to react to delays and unexpected events. And the solution frees our team to focus immediately in solving the real issues.

Pedro SalesTransportation Business ManagerSONAE 

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Intercargo — Our customers now have access to tracking in real-time for a better journey.

MIXMOVE Feedback Intercargo.jpeg

We chose MIXMOVE to modernize because they made it possible for us to gather 10-15 systems into one. Implementing the MIXMOVE solution is an educational journey for us.

Flemming Jacobsen
Head of Process & Project
Intercargo Scandinavia A/S

The logistic power of MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE

Resilient transportation planning and execution thanks to connected supply chain software

Developments in recent years have brought the vulnerability of supply chains to disruption into focus. Much of this results from a lack of visibility of products and inventory, whether in stock at the warehouse or in transit.  With this in mind, the ability to collaborate effectively with various supply chain stakeholders is becoming increasingly important. Accurate data of all partners and resources, as well as their visibility, is the key to better results and cost savings.


MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE is an interactive cloud platform on top of your existing infrastructure designed to work with all logistic applications and partners. The platform allows teams to manage, predict and analyze every logistic event on product level in the best possible way, no matter where it comes from. 

MIXMOVE provides end-to-end visibility, predictability, and collaboration tools, thus enabling companies to enhance their processes and evolve to higher levels of digitalisation and automation. So that MIXMOVE customers can handle the real-time optimization of planning, assignment, loading and tracking. Additionally the MIXMOVE warehouse tools automate and streamline merge-in-transit, inbound management, order consolidation and outbound shipping.


With the MIXMOVE software you achieve immediate success without cost-intensive or time-consuming adjustments to your IT landscape. 


Effective utilization of logistic assets

All modes of transport are used and combined intelligently.
Achieve maximum transport fill rates and stop emergency hirings. Grow without additional resources like drivers or containers.

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Product visibility and ETA prediction

Control and manage products, parcels, containers and drivers in real-time, also when unexpected events occur. Predict delivery times down to the minute and receive proof of delivery


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Maximum warehouse throughput

Achieve the highest efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes and benefit from the traceability of all resources such products and containers. ​Be aware of all incoming and outgoing goods.  

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Smart use of transport modes — alone or combined

Based on existing resources and capacities, MIXMOVE enables volume-optimized loading regardless of the mode of transport. Taking into account current customer orders and delivery promises.

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Maximum shipping speed

MIXMOVE uses the data from your existing systems, supplements it with fine-granular information on product level and seamlessly transfers it to your WMS, ERP, TMS or 3PL Service Partner. This opens up the dynamics and agility required for e-commerce types of flows.

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Automated route planning

Go for a dynamic or static last mile delivery planning. Route, control and analyze all deliveries, drivers and performances in one dashboard and offer customers a real-time track and trace communication.  

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Who benefits from MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE?



Using the MIXMOVE Lighthouse software, shippers keep full track of products flowing through their supply chain, and predict delivery times in detail — for any modality. They also meet all current customer expectations and delivery promises.
Shippers uncover more transportation capacity that fits to their specific supply chain needs.

Value for Shippers >



Take your 3PL company to a data driven and modern business and fulfill the
e-commerce demands of your customers. Fully utilizing the capacity of your assets and network. 

Value for 3PL >

mixmove software


Determine cost-efficient planning and execution of your deliveries. Optimize the utilization of all transport resources in a sustainable way or speed up the flow of your goods. Delivery times, landed costs and driver utilization are now metrics within reach.

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Achieve maximum efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes
and benefit from a transparent planning and management of all incoming and outgoing goods. Reduce logistic costs by avoiding unnecessary warehousing and increase the throughput of goods

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React to supply chain bottlenecks at an early stage, balance logistics capacities and cushions unforeseen incidents.
Tactical course settings can be initiated at an early stage. Current insights can be called up graphically at any time and can be incorporated into strategic decision-making processes.

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The 3 core values of the LIGHTHOUSE software platform

Imagine you have the ability to visualize your data and processes by enlightening your logistics on item level! 

Plan and execute with more precision and foresight through the MIXMOVE platform


One source of truth, 
hundreds of logistic advantages

MIXMOVE connects the data from your systems and supplements it with fine-granular information. You achieve immediate success without cost-intensive or time-consuming adjustments to your IT landscape. Get more ROI from your existing logistic stack with MIXMOVE!


 Automated bookings of logistic service providers and carriers (API / EDI / E-Mail / Digital Twin )

 Labeling and traceability of goods (Products, Cartons, Pallets, Containers, Vehicles)

Planning & Loading

All modes of transport are used and combined intelligently (own fleet or subcontracts)

Proactive suggestions to make planning more efficient

Maximum transport fill rate 

Dynamic or static delivery planning based on business rules, including driver and fleet  data

MCC - Multi country consolidation

Grow without additional resources like drivers & containers

Multimodal optimisation

Modular road transport 

Increased use of rail and waterborne

Using cargo bikes, robots, and other vehicles


Control and manage products, parcels and containers in real-time including proof of delivery

It is no longer about where the order is (WISMO) but where the specific product is (WISMI)

100% item visibility through your network of service providers

Predict delivery times down to the minute

Dynamically make changes when unexpected events occur

In transit fulfillment 

Faster customs clearance by knowing all product  properties

Warehouse throughput 

Highest efficiency in sorting and consolidation processes

Traceability of all resources such as loads, items and containers

Automated in- and outbound movement of goods

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Self-Fulfillment, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Road Transport Fleet (Last Mile) & return

Dynamic and static last mile delivery planning 

Routing and control of all deliveries, drivers and performances

Use of “zero-emission city” distribution solutions

Optimized, consolidated freight flows on the last mile

Analyze and evaluate all driver data, 

Customer Track & Trace

Efficient tracking and return of products and containers

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MIXMOVE Feedback Intercargo.jpeg

Our ambition is to double in size and to become the best service provider in our industry. Our digital expertise and the data driven logistic solution from MIXMOVE will help us achieve this. Our goal is to make our entire planning system and communication flow automatic.

Flemming JacobsenHead of Process & ProjectIntercargo Scandinavia A/S

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MIXMOVE work? 

The award-winning platform seamlessly connects all of your daily-use systems, like ERP, OMS, WMS and TMS. Centralized on a single platform, you can collaborate with all partners in your own or extended network. You are sure to manage the best possible use of your existing resources at the right time, in the right place and with the right partner.

When do you need MIXMOVE? 

For companies that value growth, automation and flexibility, MIXMOVE LIGHTHOUSE the best use of existing resources and capacities. The sooner you decide to use it, the more you will benefit from its advantages. Even if you have your business well under control with SILO based applications that only offer a one-dimensional view, the administrative effort grows rapidly with increasing turnover - at the expense of your efficiency.

Why Shippers use MIXMOVE

Using the MIXMOVE Lighthouse platform, shippers keep full track of items flowing through their supply chain, and predict delivery times in detail — for any modality. Continuously meeting contemporary customer expectations and delivery promises. 


MIXMOVE values for shippers


MIXMOVE has proven to be a success for 3PLs allowing them to achieve a data driven and modern business and fulfill the e-commerce demands of their customers by fully utilize the capacity of their assets and network.

MIXMOVE values for 3Pls

Elastic logistics

In a time where the logistics industry is especially challenged with changes in supply and demand, we need a more robust way of managing our traditional linear and rigid supply chains in order to be more responsive, efficient and remain competitive.

Elastic logistics aims to address this challenge and refers to the agility and flexibility to upscale and downscale, in near real-time, in order to adapt to fluctuating market demands.

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