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Double your turnover with the revolutionary way of loading goods

Take your 3PL business to an impressive new level and meet the modern e-commerce demands of your customers. Start managing on the item level and fully utilize the capacity of your assets and network.

MIXMOVE’s supply chain software amplifies your 3PL operations and opens up a wealth of new opportunities.


Onboard new customers

By using your available assets and network capacity and increasing the fill rates.

Where you formerly ran operations accepting high empty rates, MIXMOVE’s unique consolidation technology, "chaotic loading", enables you to serve more customers with the same capacity at a lower cost, hence substantially contributing to your bottom line, high fill rates and low CO2 emissions.


State of the art service

Expand your service portfolio to groupage and parcel-driven services.

The MIXMOVE technology immediately provides you the level of granularity required for modern e-commerce type operations. By just adding to your operations and system landscape, MIXMOVE expands your service portfolio to groupage and parcel-driven services.



Competitive advantage

Item management to deliver on time, in full and to meet the customers' expectations. 

Imagine Google Maps for items: Your customers always know, in real-time, where an item is in the logistic flow, and have forecast delivery times on the item level. Inspire customers with unprecedented visibility on every item in the logistics flow from receipt, to delivery, to the end customer.



“MIXMOVE software is genius. It allows us to immediately maximize our service and easily win new customers. It is definitely worth it for 3PLs to have a second and even third look at MIXMOVE”

3PL Customer


Enjoy your new superpower and meet the modern e-commerce type demands from customers, with high standards in delivery speed, flexibility and predictability.


MIXMOVE Application overview-1

Stop building workarounds or despair about huge IT changes to meet the new expectations of your customers.


MIXMOVE uses the data from your existing ERP system, supplements it with fine-granular information on an item level and seamlessly transfers it to your WMS or TMS. This opens up the dynamics and agility required for e-commerce types of flows. You achieve immediate success without cost-intensive or time-consuming adjustments to your IT landscape.


It is no longer about where the order is (WISMO), but rather where the specific product is (WISMI)


Non-invasive layer that makes your business more attractive in the competitive space


 Get entrance to the item level of shipments. This opens up the dynamics and agility required for e-commerce types of flows



C02 Reduction MIXMOVE-1


Overperform on CO2 emission levels for your (potential) customers

Normally, the onboarding of new customers would cause an additional CO2 impact due to additional trips. With MIXMOVE, you double the number of your customers, but continue to use the same assets. In this way, your company emits significantly less CO2 as the number of customers increases.


Reduce emissions up to 50%


Emit significantly less CO2 as the number of customers increases


Inspire prospects with strong services and a green footprint





Less customer service requests by MIXMOVE Transparency View

Inspire customers with unprecedented transparent service. With MIXMOVE, you can offer your customers unprecedented insight into the shipping process. From now on, your customers can track every item along the entire supply chain. Your customers will know at any time where their items are in the logistics process and at what time they will arrive at their destination.


 Enable your customers to gain insight into the shipping process


Your customers know at any time where their items are in the logistics process and at what time they will arrive


The customers' newfound visibility results in fewer service questions regarding delivery time, and the speed and location of goods



Mixmove new customers

Onboard new customers out of air and double your turnover

Use your empty transport capacity and fill them with items from new customers. Instead of loading carriers with pallets assigned to only one sales order, load the pallets chaotically, using the maximum fill rate, with all items that have the same destination depot.  


Increase your transport fill rate with new sales orders up to 90%

green-checkmark-iconReduce your transport costs up to 35% by filling loads to the maximum and with additional customer orders


Serve twice the number of customers in one stroke with existing capacity. For your customers, everything remains as before





MIXMOVE Item Maps allow you to forecast delivery times down to the minute

Imagine Google Maps for items: You always know, in real-time, where an item is in the logistic flow and the forecast delivery times, down to the minute. With item-level visibility, you know which articles should be delivered to which customer, thus offering the fastest possible delivery with the least amount of resources. You can dynamically make changes in your logistic flow when unexpected events occur and help meet the end customer’s expectations in terms of shipping speed and completeness.


 Deliver on time, in full and meet the end customer's expectations and wishes


 Forecast delivery times down to the minute


 Immediately and flexibly reroute items while they are already in transit



How much money can your company make out of unused capacity?

Visualize your logistics power with our value calculator. All you have to do is to book a meeting with us and enter some variables of your logistics process. Then, we use our value calculator to quickly assess the potential our solution can generate for you. We are ready to show you what we can do and we are sure we can live up to our promise.



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Easy going with MIXMOVE


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